The Sweetest Same Sex Wedding Ideas to Make Your Heart Melt ...


The Sweetest Same Sex Wedding Ideas to Make Your Heart Melt ...
The Sweetest Same Sex Wedding Ideas to Make Your Heart Melt ...

Same-sex weddings – or weddings, as they're now called – are … well, they're amazing. I'm maybe biased because my beautiful wife and I had a truly epic wedding. It's just … the fight was so hard won, and the victory is still so recent, I want to share some ideas for a magical, unique, joyous ceremony filled with love and laughter.

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Draped in Love and Rainbows

See, if you're marrying your partner, you don't have to make it a “gay wedding.” However, if you want to celebrate the fact that love is love, even subtly, photo ops are excellent for that.


Glitter Bomb

Because this is your moment to explode with happiness. Take it.


Mrs & Mrs

Or Mr. and Mr., of course. I just think little touches like these are precious.


Rustic Chic

This is a great idea for any wedding. The rustic look is still trendy, but for a good reason – this is so charming!


Support in the Truest Sense

If you can incorporate something that's important to your partner – a cultural touch, a ritual, a ceremonial detail – do it. Share it.


Make Time for Candid Photos

You will be so glad you did. These are the moments that capture the real magic of your marriage.


Evening Romance

'kay, so I have a thing for the rustic vibe. Tell me this isn't the most romantic shot, though.


Opt for an Adorable Guest Book

Oh, my god. I wish Heather and I had gotten one of these. We didn't even do a guest book, to be honest.


Over the Bridge

In the event that you want an outdoor wedding and you have access to a venue like this, grab it. Grab it right now.


Strike a Pose

Everything about this is beyond gorgeous. The best part, though? The happiness in their smiles as they look at each other. They are so in love!


Ruffled Tablecloths

Why? Because they're pretty, that's why. This is beach themed from top to bottom.


The Sweetest Gifts

I think those are the most romantic socks. Maybe the only time socks are a romantic present, too.


Rainbow Ice Cubes

They blink, too! Perfect for the reception!


Reflections of Love

See what I mean? The pictures where you're looking at your new spouse will be the best.


Personal Jars

This is so sweet!


Pick a Seat, Not a Side

Heather and I had a chalkboard sign saying this!


Wedding Favors Full of Love

I want these! I want these so badly!

Love is love is love, am I right?

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Offbeat Bride just featured one of the most beautiful gay weddings I've ever seen. Check it out!

Hannah if you're worried about what my Lesbian relationship is doing to the new generation, first of all get over it, it has nothing to do with you, and think of how much the straight life has been shoved into mine. Some people are gay. Get over it.

Lovely article though! My girlfriend and I had a "life partner wedding" neither of us wanted to or belive in getting married,(it's also legal here and has been for 20 years) but we wanted to celebrate our relationship in a life long commitment. We did an underwater theme and had ruffle decorative pieces like the picture. It was super cute.

What's wrong with you people?!! Everywhere talking about taboo relationships (lesbiens-gays) nurturing the new generations on bad thoughts

Don't you have morals??

@Hannah, how does their lifestyle affect you or your family? As long as they are not harming you, just let them be. If you don't like it, look the other way. We have much bigger problems that need to be addressed and same sex love is not one of them.

I think that all marriages celebrate love, and that is beautiful. Love beats hate every time. As far as this story, make your day special no mater what it is.

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