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This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Was Magic

By Jennifer

Imagine the best-ever Harry Potter wedding, one so magical JK Rowling would cry... and that's basically the HP-themed wedding Cassie and Lewis Byrom had just recently. Truly, no one else should even try to have a Harry Potter wedding after this, because no other even will ever come close.

1 The Location

The Location It's not Hogwarts but it's close.

2 The Decorations

The Decorations These are just so pretty when lit... or I'll bet even when they're not.

3 Her Shoes

Her Shoes I love these pumps, each decorated with the bride and groom's houses.

4 Her Mani

Her Mani I mean, seriously... perfect!

5 More Decor

More Decor Dumbledore was there in spirit... *sniffle*

6 The Cake

The Cake It's almost too perfect to eat! ... almost...

7 Wands up

Wands up I wonder what spell they're casting?

8 The Bouquets

The Bouquets Each bouquet was made of pages from the novels.

9 And for the Guests?

And for the Guests? Each guest got a wonderful wand, too, for toasts and spells and such.

10 I Mean, MAGIC

I Mean, MAGIC Seriously, could this location have been any more perfect?

11 Another View of the Shoes

Another View of the Shoes Apparently they're magically comfortable enough to dance in.

12 The Ball

The Ball McGonagall probably didn't have to teach this couple how to dance.

13 The Bridesmaids' Bracelets

The Bridesmaids' Bracelets Each adorned with a gorgeous golden snitch.

14 Her Garter

Her Garter Decorated with an HP crest, of course.

15 Deserted Hallway

Deserted Hallway To find the couple, you must check the Marauder's Map.

Gorgeous wedding-day photos by Kelly Clarke. To see more photos of the magic, visit the gallery at and try not to be jealous.

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