Charming Touches for Girls Who Want a Meaningful Wedding ...


Charming Touches for Girls Who Want a Meaningful Wedding ...
Charming Touches for Girls Who Want a Meaningful Wedding ...

There are many ways to add a meaningful touch to your wedding. Of course you want your wedding day to be filled with touching memories. If you are at a loss for how to add a meaningful touch to your wedding, these ideas can help you. They can make your special day even more so.

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Wear a Special Fragrance

person, black and white, woman, man, bride, One way to add a meaningful touch to your wedding is to wear a special fragrance for your wedding. It can be your groom’s favorite fragrance or a totally new one you picked out specifically for your wedding day. If it is a new fragrance, you can also continue wearing it on your honeymoon and in your newlywed days. Then in the future, that scent will bring back memories of wedding day. I read this tip on The Small Things Blog and thought it was a wonderful idea.


Choose a Meaningful Wedding Gift for Your Groom

person, album cover, You can also add a meaningful touch to your wedding day by getting your groom a heartfelt gift. I gave my husband a watch on our wedding day, with a card that told him I would love him till the end of time. That is one example of a gift you could give but there are many more. The point is to give him something he will like and make it meaningful. It will most likely be a gift he treasures for many years.


Write Each Other a Letter

person, woman, hairstyle, profession, bride, You can also write each other a letter to be read the morning of your wedding. Most couples don’t see each other till the ceremony on the day of their wedding. This is a wonderful way to communicate on that day. You can share your dreams for the future in this letter. You can also share your excitement for the day or whatever else you wish.


Schedule Some Special Time with Mom

woman, man, bride, flower, Some special time with your mom can make the day meaningful for you. Maybe you could have your hair or makeup done together. It isn’t really what you do. It’s that you are taking time to make a memory together on this special day. If it isn’t feasible to do that day, maybe you can do something very special in the days right before your wedding, like going to lunch together.


Write Your Own Vows

person, kiss, human action, woman, romance, Writing your own vows is a wonderful way to make your day more meaningful. Writing your own vows is personal and full of tidbits that are meaningful only to the two of you. It is something you can recite to one another in years to come. It is a special memory that not every couple has. This is a great way to make your wedding more personalized, too.


Don’t Give Him One Single Hint

clothing, hair, fashion accessory, woman, hairstyle, Most brides do not allow their groom to see them on their wedding day until the ceremony. But many will tell them all about their choice of dress, hair style and accessories. If you really want to wow him, don’t give him one single hint. That way it will be a complete and total surprise when you walk down the aisle. You will never forget the look of adoration on his face.


Ask Guests to Contribute

bride, photography, ceremony, photograph, black and white, Another way to make your wedding day more meaningful is to ask your guests to contribute something. It could be their favorite memory of you as a couple. It could be what they love about you as a couple. It could even be their best piece of marriage advice. Any of those could add a meaningful touch to your wedding.

Do any of these ways inspire you? How do you plan to add a meaningful touch to your wedding? I would love to read your comments.

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Have a book in which the guests could add a little comment about the pair I thought that was a marvellous idea it was done at my cousins wedding loved it👌😘

I love this Thankyou?

Its lovely advice

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