7 Practical Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Truly Use ...


Practical wedding favors are always favorite wedding favors. Guests like to receive wedding favors that they can truly use. While all favors are nice, some are more of a hit than others and those are usually the ones that truly prove themselves useful. These are some practical wedding favors that you guests will use and love.

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A Hangover Kit

If you are serving drinks at your wedding, a hangover kit is a wedding favor your guests will thank you for. Basically it consists of a bottled water or Gatorade, a single dose of Tylenol and some mints. It is just a little recovery kit for your guests to enjoy the next day. This is one of the practical wedding favors that your guests will truly use. We all love useful things.


Baked Goodies

It is not a mystery why baked goodies are a hit. Who doesn’t love them? Tie up a jar of freshly baked cookies with a pretty ribbon. Have individual slices of wedding cake boxed up and ready to take home with your guests. I have even seen small boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts used as wedding favors. This is a nice breakfast option for your guests to enjoy the next morning.


Flip Flops

Flip flops are always a hit as a wedding favor. This is especially true if you are going to have a lot of dancing at your wedding. No one enjoys dancing in uncomfortable heels or shoes that pinch their toes. Providing a basket of flip flops will make your guest very happy. Go for a basic black to keep things simple.


Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a very practical wedding favor to choose for your guests. Most people use them, if not for coffee then for tea, hot cocoa or spiced cider. This is a great choice for a wedding favor for fall and winter weddings. You can also add a little treat inside of the coffee mug. You can add mints, a candle or any other number of items.


Personalized Candy

Personalized candy is a fun wedding favor to give to your guests. It is also one that they will use. You can order candy bars that have a personalized wrapper on them. You can also order M&Ms that are personalized with your names, your wedding date or other choices. Candy makes everyone happy.


Lip Balm

Lip balm is a great choice for a practical wedding favor. It will be especially well received in the winter. You can choose to buy it or make it yourself. Both are hits but especially the homemade variety. There are many different recipes for lip balm on Pinterest.


Do Not Disturb Door Hangers

The bride and groom are not the only ones who need do not disturb door hangers. Sometimes weddings can go on into the wee hours. If this is going to be the case for your wedding guests, you might consider this choice as a wedding favor. You can have them personalized to state your guests are recovering from your wedding and add in your names. Your guests will thank you for helping them get their beauty sleep.

I hope these practical wedding favor ideas have been helpful to you. Are any of them choices you might consider? Which idea do you love?

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