Your Guests Will Actually Want These Gorgeous Wedding Favors ...

By Eliza

I've been to weddings where the favors are everything from candy to tiny bottles of bubbles. In general, things I could probably do without. If you want something that is both meaningful and that you can be sure your guests will treasure and love, it's time to think outside the box. Check out these ideas for something you are sure to love.

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1 Tiny Cocktails

Tiny Cocktails Source: This Junk Box... - I

2 A Sweet Treat

A Sweet Treat Source: DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favor

3 Miniature Garden Kits

Miniature Garden Kits Source: unique wedding favor ideas Tumblr

4 Premium Coffee

Premium Coffee Source: Gift Zebra • Perfect wedding

5 How about a Book?

How about a Book? Source: Simply Seattle Weddings, Books as

6 Personalized Bottle Openers

Personalized Bottle Openers Source: personalized-wedding-favors Tumblr

7 Fancy S'Mores

Fancy S'Mores Source: Crystie's blog: The personal flowers

8 Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola Source: DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favor

9 Tiny Succulent Plants

Tiny Succulent Plants Source: unique wedding favor Tumblr

10 Homemade Jam

Homemade Jam Source: Top 10 Witty DIY Wedding

11 Flower Seeds

Flower Seeds Source: unique wedding favor Tumblr

12 Water Bottles

Water Bottles Source: 42 Wedding Favors Your Guests

13 Heart Shaped Spoon

Heart Shaped Spoon Source: Lovely Wedding Favor Heart-Shaped Coffee

14 Beach Sunscreen

Beach Sunscreen Source: Wedding Favors Ideas - Wedding

15 Printed Mason Jars for Drinks or Snacks

Printed Mason Jars for Drinks or Snacks Source: Wedding Favors Unique Favors for

16 Drink Cozy

Drink Cozy Source: Keep Cozy with Winter Wedding

17 Something Cute and Rustic

Something Cute and Rustic Source: Wedding Favor Boxes, Bags, Jars

Which one do yo want to give away at your wedding?

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Some of these are really cute ideas! But if your on a budget& having over 200 guests, this can get costly!

My fiancé & I are donating the $ we spent on favors to our favorite charity. Each table will have this posted. We are having a Photobooth so our guests can take home some fun pictures!

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