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Congratulations! You’re getting married! Chances are your bridesmaids are hard at work planning your shower. While you won’t have entire control over how it goes, you can request certain things that will make the whole event special and memorable to you as you start this new chapter in your life. Besides getting a whole ton of gifts for your new home, a bridal shower is the perfect chance for family and friends to come together and celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Make yours special by requesting the following things.

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Give the Guests Disposable Cameras to Record the Event

People do this all the time on the wedding day, but you can also do so at your shower. This is a great way to get candid shots of the girls having a blast and you get them from everyone’s perspective instead of just your own. Hand them out as your guests arrive and then you can develop them in a few days and relive all the fun you just had.


Skip the Games and do a Photo Booth Instead

Let’s be honest. Everyone hates the lame games that are played at showers. Put your foot down and say you don’t want them at yours. Instead set up a backdrop and stock it with props like fake moustaches, feather boas and quirky hats. Take turns dressing up and taking photos of each other. You’ll have wonderful keepsakes and all the girls will have so much fun!


Consider Having a Go-Ed Shower so the Guys Can Join You

True, many of the gifts given at baby showers are things that the bride will be more excited about using. However, the groom is likely pretty excited for the big day too. It’s trendy to have a couple’s bridal shower these days. Set up a bar and some snacks and show a slide show of the couple. Or put on some music and practice your wedding reception dance moves.


Choose a Fun Theme and Go with It

Instead of just putting out some snacks and planning some games, think about setting up a theme to take over the entire event. Maybe you love tea. Set the table with china and linen napkins and serve tea and cakes. Or maybe you love football. Recreate a football party with nachos and hot wings. Whatever theme you choose, use it to help you decorate so that the entire event is super special to you.


Do a Beauty Bar so You Are All Pretty for the Big Day

What girl doesn’t like to be pampered? Talk with your bridesmaids and set up a home spa day for all the ladies. You can take turns painting each other’s nails and trying out fun makeup looks for the wedding. Do each other’s hair too. Or, you could book a salon day for all of you and enjoy being pampered by someone else. This will definitely be a bridal shower everyone will be glad they got invited to.


Gather Everyone and Create the Thank-You Notes for Your Wedding Gifts

Girls love crafting days, right? So gather together all the materials you need to make your thank-you cards. Then have your bridesmaids help you stamp, paint or otherwise decorate them. You’ll have tons of time to talk with each other, sip cocktails and eat yummy snacks. And when the day is over, all you’ll have to do is write a note for each gift and send them off.


Just Plan to Go to a Restaurant and Leave the Work for Someone else

If you want a no-fuss bridal shower, consider booking the party room at a restaurant. You can all sit around and chat and have fun and someone else will do all the cooking and cleaning. You can even open your presents there and they’ll get rid of the wrapping paper for you. This makes it super easy for everyone involved and you still get the chance to spend time with your girls before your big day.

What’s the best bridal shower idea you’ve ever heard? Have you ever thrown a bridal shower? What advice can you share?

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Yeah that's true!!! My sister got married n my house was a mess when families were getting ready🙉

I'm having 2 showers. One, my finances family is having a house party shower. My mom is having a Resturant shower. So I'll see which one I enjoyed better.

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