What to Expect at an Indian Wedding for Girls Going for the First Time πŸ―πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸŒžπŸŒΈ ...

Weddings are a big deal in all cultures across the world. An invitation to a wedding is reason enough to start planning a multitude of things (from who your date will be to what you’ll gift the couple) that need to be done before the big day. But if you’re invited to an Indian wedding, there are some special preps you must keep in mind.

1. Put Your Wedding Wardrobe Together

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Indian weddings are colorful and vibrant. For an Indian wedding, think happy, bright colors. Nothing is too bright, really. You could even have some fun and maybe select a traditional Indian outfit because why not? Oh, and you’ll probably need more than one outfit because Indian weddings are never a one day affair. Your invite will tell you how many events you’ll be attending so you can prepare accordingly.

2. Pick and Match Your Accessories

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Let’s say you’ve selected an Indian outfit for the wedding (because why wouldn’t you, right?). You’ll need to get all the accessories in place too – bangles, bindis and jewelry. Dressing up is one of the best parts of an Indian wedding, not to mention how pretty it looks!

3. Get Comfortable Footwear

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If you’re choosing to wear traditional Indian clothes, make sure you’re comfortable with your footwear. Sarees can be tricky with high heels if you’re not used to it and you definitely don’t want to be falling on your face at a wedding! So get footwear you can manage or at least spend some time walking and dancing in a saree (if you so choose).

4. Read up on the Wedding Rituals

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Assuming it’s a Hindu wedding you’re attending, it’s going to be a little more than exchanging vows before a priest. The actual wedding ceremony can be lengthy and it’ll help you sit through it with more patience if you understand what it all means.

5. Get Your Bollywood Moves in Place

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Indian weddings are incomplete without dancing. A lot of dancing. We don’t need an excuse to get up and dance at weddings, really. So get your Bollywood on and get ready to dance till you drop!

6. Load up on Antacids

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Indian weddings are all about the food. And since the festivities usually extend over a couple of days (at least), we’re talking about a lot of food. Not all Indian food is spicy but it's all very yummy. And so if you’re invited to an Indian wedding, make sure you have your antacids.

7. Prepare Yourself to Meet Tons of People

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Indian weddings cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be defined as β€˜small.’ And so, if you’re heading for an Indian wedding, gear up to meet more people than you’ll ever imagine. If you enjoy meeting new people, you’ll have fun. If you don’t, well, weddings are always a great place for people watching, right?

Indian weddings are a riot of color, music, dance, food and people. There is so much happening and so much to do that it is impossible not to have fun. But it’s always a good idea to be prepared for what you’re going to experience so you’re not the odd one out who doesn’t have a clue what’s happening! Have you attended Indian weddings? How did you prep for them?

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