43 Wedding Cakes for the Unqiue Bride You Will Not Believe ...

By Eliza

43 Wedding Cakes for the Unqiue Bride You Will Not Believe ...

Most wedding cakes are tiered white creations that you see all the time. Sometimes, though, a couple will choose a cake that defines their personalities, passions or life choices. When they do, what happens is a glorious wedding cake that people will be talking about for years to come. Even if you're already married, you've got to see what these innovative couples have dreamed up for their big day.

1 It's Not Everyday You See Fruit on a Wedding Cake

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2 Denim Blue is Breathtaking

blue,wedding cake,flower,centrepiece,

This Denim Blue wedding cake is truly breathtaking. The cake features a unique ombre effect of light to dark blue shades, with a white fondant base and intricate sugar flower decorations. The result is a stunning masterpiece that will be the showstopper of any wedding.

The cake is perfect for the unique bride looking for a cake that stands out from the crowd. The ombre effect of the blue shades creates a subtle yet eye-catching look that will be sure to impress guests. The white fondant base provides a neutral backdrop for the intricate sugar flower decorations, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

The Denim Blue wedding cake can be customized to suit any wedding theme. Whether you are looking for a classic, romantic, or modern look, this cake will be sure to fit the bill. The sugar flower decorations can be made in any color to match the wedding theme. The cake can also be customized with a special message or phrase, making it a truly unique and personal statement for the bride and groom.

3 Reverse Tiers in Shades of Brown


4 This is One Beautiful Bare Cake

wedding cake,food,cake,buttercream,icing,

5 Modern White with Blush and Bubbles

wedding cake,white,buttercream,food,icing,

6 This Cake Just Screams Wealth and Luxury

wedding cake,food,cake,dessert,cake decorating,

7 Red, Orange and Gold Indian Inspired Wedding Cake

wedding cake,food,cake,dessert,cake decorating,

8 Gotta Love This Elegant Square Cake

flower arranging,flower,floristry,wedding cake,art,

9 A Coastal Inspired Ombre Cake is Really Unique

pink,wedding cake,red,flower,flower arranging,

10 Stunning Black Wedding Cake with Flowers

flower,wedding cake,flower arranging,floristry,art,

11 This Chalkboard Wedding Cake Featuring Beatles' Lyrics is Perfect

wedding cake,flower,LOVE,

12 Unusual Asymmetrical Wedding Cake

cup,green,table,coffee cup,furniture,

13 Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

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14 Beautiful Ruffles Are a Different Choice


15 Black, White and Red Hydrangea Fondant Wedding Cake

wedding cake,red,food,dessert,cake,

16 Really Tall Black and White Cake

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17 This Elephant Layered Wedding Cake is Fabulous

wedding cake,buttercream,food,cake decorating,icing,

18 A Princess on Her Big Day

pink,food,cake,wedding cake,dessert,

19 Check out All the Tiers and Sizes

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20 You Can't Go Wrong with a Vintage Wedding Cake

wedding cake,ZVEZA,

21 Perfect for a Fall Wedding

wedding cake,food,sugar paste,dessert,buttercream,

22 Try a Cupcake Cake for Something New and Exciting

wedding cake,cake,buttercream,food,dessert,

23 Absolutely Gorgeous Carousel Cake

wedding cake,pink,buttercream,food,flower,

24 Show off Your Personality with All This Color

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25 This Goth Wedding Cake is Really Cool

red,wedding cake,cake,food,dessert,

26 For a Wine Loving Couple

wedding cake,food,cake,dessert,cake decorating,

27 Bubble Tiers Instead of the Usual

wedding cake,food,cake,dessert,www.SWANKCAKEDESIGN.COM,

28 Most People Don't Choose a Blue and Black Cake

blue,wedding cake,cake,cake decorating,food,

29 Ivanka Trump's Wedding Cake is a Unique One to Copy

tree,christmas tree,christmas decoration,christmas,lighting,

30 The Frosting Looks Painted on

wedding cake,cake,food,cake decorating,dessert,

31 Go Big or Go Home

wedding cake,buttercream,cake,food,cake decorating,

32 Is This a Tree Carving or a Wedding Cake?

man made object,wedding cake,yellow,flower arranging,flower,

33 Cake Pop Wedding Cake - Wow!

wood,water feature,take,Cake,POP,

34 When You Think Wedding Cake You Usually Don't Think of Shades of Green

wedding cake,green,food,cake decorating,buttercream,

35 The Key to Her Heart

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36 Lovely Cake for a Beach Wedding

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37 Does Someone Love Scrabble?

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38 "just Married" on the Cake is Cute

wedding cake,cake,food,cake decorating,buttercream,

39 Painted Fondant is Beautiful

wedding cake,cake decorating,food,sugar paste,cake,

40 Bird Cages Are Having Their Moment

wedding cake,food,cake,cake decorating,sugar paste,

41 Byzantine Black with Stained Glass

food,cake,dessert,wedding cake,birthday cake,

42 A Van Gogh Cake is Gorgeous

food,cake,buttercream,dessert,cake decorating,

43 Looks like a Tiffany Piece

blue,wedding cake,cake,food,buttercream, Which one is your favorite? Would you choose it for your wedding?

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All these cakes were too beautiful and creative!

All are soooooo beautiful

All are pretty!

This is so for me and Chris Hemsworth's wedding

#27 cool.!!!

#14 Beautiful!!!

Cake pop one was my favorite ... But I loved them all...

@Jeni that's awesome:)

Beach one for a beach babe:)

These all look so pretty



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