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Breathtaking Wedding Inspos for Girls Planning a Barn Wedding ...

By Heather

I almost had my wedding in a barn but we decided to hold it somewhere else. If you are thinking about taking Pinterest up on the rustic trend, these pictures are for you! Take a look at what real barn weddings are all about!

1 Lights, Tables, Action!

Look at everything! The tables, the lights, the ceiling. LOVE it!

2 Stable is All Lit up

Seriously. How cute is this?

3 Married in a Barn

This is adorable. The arches? The lights? I'll take it!

4 Look at the Barn Lights!

They are wheels. How cool!

5 The Photo Opportunities

Oh, think of 'em!

6 Don't Forget the Bridal Party

You MUST include them too.

7 Cocktail Reception Anyone?

This looks like the perfect place for it.

8 Pretty Seats

Doesn't need to be expensive at all.

9 More Photo Opportunities

How effing cute!

10 Ceremony inside

You don't need it outside at all.

11 Hay – Hay Hay!

12 I Cut You Cut

13 Bigger Wedding?

No problem! Bigger barn!

14 Rustic Table Décor

Don't need to dress it up.

15 The Wedding Favors

LOVE these!

16 Pretty Rustic

Instagram photo by The Bellas Co. • May 14, 2016 at 1:03am UTC

Elegant and rustic.

17 Getting Ready at the Barn

Include all the dresses!

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