Amazing Reasons to Use a Mobile Event App for Your Wedding ...


Amazing Reasons to Use a Mobile Event App for Your Wedding ...
Amazing Reasons to Use a Mobile Event App for Your Wedding ...

There are lots of reasons to use a mobile event app for your wedding. It's truly a timeless gift you can give to yourself, your new spouse and your guests, because it is the gift that keeps on giving long after the wedding is over. It gives you an opportunity to push custom save the dates, give guests a peak at your bridesmaid list and maybe funny reasons why you picked each of them. You can even give them an opportunity to leave you messages and well wishes throughout the festivities. After the wedding, they get to keep this timeless online customized interactive photo album while you can use it to push immediate quick thank you notes to everyone for attending.
Here are all the best reasons to use a mobile event app for your wedding.

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Program Timeline and Reminders

Include the important dates and times that come with your wedding, including the shower, bachelorette party and anything else you want guests to know. Private alerts can also be pushed to all or just certain groups of attendees, so if you only want the groomsmen to get the updated information with times on the tuxedo rentals, they will be the only ones who will. This is one of the most valuable reasons to use a mobile event app for your wedding.


People and Pics

List everyone coming, who they are, what they mean to you, add their pic or give them a chance to build a profile of their own for your online wedding album. Pre-wedding related pictures, day-of activities, and even honeymoon shots you want to share can all be easily loaded and accessed forever.


Online Chat and Polling

Guests can chat with you or other guests and you can even create specially labeled group chat channels in case you want to just have the guests going to the shower use it to share answers for an interactive shower game. For additional costs, you can also incorporate custom gaming features with points, live leader boards, and/or polling which are all also fun add-ons for any pre-wedding event or for enhancing your special day to help make it different and more interactive for your guests.


Find the Right Vendor

So even though this sounds all great, is it a nightmare to get done, especially if you’re a bit technically challenged? Depends on the vendor you use. I recommend the team because they are part of a smaller firm of event planners who focus on quality and they offer reasonable pricing. Most importantly, they build the app for you and send all alerts and keep it updated pre- and post-weddin, with little effort on your part. All you have to do is send them the information you want included as you have it, and in any format that is convenient for you, and they get it done quickly and accurately.


Finding the Money in Your Wedding Budget

Photographers are very pricey and keeping them on to take shots during the reception is a tradition, but wasteful these days with everyone using their own favorite device to take selfies and shots of you. I recommend letting the photographer go before the party starts and let your guests be your reception photographers. Have them upload their pics to the app and maybe even offer them a fun back drop they can use to take their own couple selfies off in the corner.

Personally, if I was getting married again, I would totally invest in this very cool new tool for my wedding day, but I do see one down side to it that I need to caution you on. It’s so cool, don’t let yourself get too absorbed checking out the final product during the honeymoon to the point your new beloved gets jealous and feels neglected right off the bat!

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