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There are some things you should do the week before your wedding in order to look and feel your best on your wedding day. It is easy to get caught up in the wedding day frenzy and be neglectful of what you really need. Taking good care of yourself will help you to avoid a lot of stressful situations. These are 7 things you should do the week before your wedding.

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Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is the first thing to fly out the window when life gets crazy. And crazy is exactly how life usually is in the week before a wedding. When you are not getting enough rest, you don’t feel as well. You are more likely to be irritable and stressed. You are also more likely to get sick, which is something you do not want on your wedding day. Getting enough rest is one of the definite things you should do the week before your wedding.


Eat Well

The week before a wedding is typically very busy. You are dealing with all the business of getting married. You are busy doing all the things you need to do to look your best. It is easy to not eat as well as you should because of that. Making the effort to eat well will make you feel better and have more energy for all that you need to accomplish.


Visualize Your Beautiful Future

It is easy for nerves to attack in the week before your wedding. You may be stressing over if you chose the right bridesmaid or if your future mother-in-law will approve of choices you made for the wedding. Don’t allow those nagging worries to bother you. When you start to feel anxious, close your eyes for a moment and just visualize your beautiful future. You will feel calmer and instantly at ease.


Exercise as Usual

The week before your wedding is not a time to try something new with your exercise routine. Stick to what you have been doing. Trying something new is going to give you a chance of a new injury. Don’t skip your workout, either. Exercising can offer you some great benefits right now, such as being a stress reliever and making sure that your wedding dress still fits perfectly.


Enjoy a Massage

If you can, treat yourself to a full day at the spa in the week before your wedding. If that isn’t an option, at least try to schedule a massage. A massage is a wonderful way to treat yourself. A massage can just make all of your stress melt away. You will feel so relaxed afterward and ready to tackle whatever needs done.


Drink Plenty of Water

Does this sound a little bit off to you? Let me tell you why drinking water is important right now. Sometimes when we are preoccupied with things, we forget to drink like we should. This can cause headaches as well as affect your complexion by making you lose your gorgeous glow. Drinking plenty of water can also help you to prevent the bladder infections some women get after their honeymoon.


Confirm Appointments and Arrangements

The last thing that you want to have happen is to have someone very vital to your wedding not show up on your wedding day. Take time in the week before your wedding to confirm those appointments and arrangements. It only takes a little bit of time. You will feel so much better knowing that everything is in line. This will be one less worry on your mind on your wedding day.

These 7 things can make your wedding day and the week before it so much better for. What do you plan to make sure you do the week before your wedding? I always love to hear from my readers!

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