7 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes to Stay Away from ...


You certainly don’t want to make wedding dress shopping mistakes. This is a big decision and a very important one in your wedding plans. You want to find the very dress that is meant for you. Following these tips will help you to avoid wedding dress shopping mistakes.

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Bringing the Wrong People

Bringing the wrong people is one of the biggest wedding dress shopping mistakes. You want to bring people who care about you and your happiness. It is wonderful if they are honest and share their opinions as long as they do it in a kindhearted, well-intentioned manner. You do not want to take someone along who is obnoxious in their opinions or makes the day about them rather than about you. You want someone along who shares your joy, not steals it.


No Idea of What You Want

It is not a good idea to go wedding dress shopping with no idea of what you want. Try to narrow it down to two or three styles if you can. It may even be a good idea to bookmark some pictures of dresses that you like and take them along with you. The sales associate may be able to show you some dresses similar to ones that you brought pictures of. If nothing else, it will give them an example of the styles you are drawn to.



You do and don’t want to compromise when it comes to your wedding dress. You do want to find something you love in your price range. However you don’t want to be swayed by someone’s opinion that is vastly different than your own. When it comes to your wedding dress, it is really all about what makes you feel happy. You also don’t want to settle on a dress just because it is deeply discounted. Hold out for something you love and you can afford.


Trying on Dresses out of Your Price Range

It is a mistake to try on dresses that are out of your price range. Just don’t go there. It won’t do anything but make you yearn for something you can’t have. Stick to dresses that are in your price range. That way you will not be faced by feeling like you have to settle for a lesser dress. Let the sales associate know up front what your budget is.


Being Rude to Sales Associates

You certainly do not want to be rude to the sales associates. Many people talk down to them but that is a mistake. The sales associates are people that you want in your corner. They are the ones that just may have a secret number tucked back that they could show you. They could also make things work out for you in getting the dress of your dreams for a lower price.


Trying on Too Many

Trying on too many dresses is like looking at too many houses or too many samples of flooring. After a while it is all going to run together on you. Aim to try to stay in the single digits of a wedding dress count when you try dresses on. If you still haven’t found one that you love, leave and come back another day. It is absolutely acceptable to make more than one trip. In fact, it is very common to do so.


Being Closed-minded

You want to go wedding dress shopping with a good idea of what you are looking for. However, you do not want to have your mind so set on a certain dress style that you could be missing out on something that would look fabulous on you. Let the sales associate know what you looking for but listen to their thoughts and advice, too. At most wedding dress shops, associates know their stuff and can see wedding dresses in a whole different way than you can, giving them the ability to know what body types look best in what style of dress. You can always say no if you don't like what they suggest.

These are some common mistakes that are made when wedding dress shopping. Have you made any of them? Is this article helpful to you going forward with your wedding plans?

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