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I’ve dedicated this list of wedding traditions and their origins to wedding enthusiasts across the globe. Three of my friends will be getting married shortly and let me tell you, wedding fever is in the air. Weddings are layered with many traditions that have evolved over time. Find out more about the origins of our most common wedding traditions.

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Bridesmaids One of the most interesting wedding traditions remains with bridesmaids and their original purpose. Nowadays, bridesmaid dresses usually cause the most contention. However, originally bridesmaids dressed exactly the same as the bride. The purpose was to confuse evil spirits and stop them from becoming fixated on the bride, and ultimately prevent them from cursing the newlyweds.


White Bridal Gown

White Bridal Gown It was actually Queen Victoria who introduced the white wedding tradition back in 1840. Since then, women all over the world have followed her cue. Traditionally, the white wedding gown symbolized purity, innocence and chastity. Not so sure about this nowadays…and many brides are choosing other colors for their gowns.


The Ring Finger

The Ring Finger Beyonce’s "if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it" lyrics chimes an element of ancient truth. In ancient Rome, when a man put a ring on a woman, he literally took possession of her. The ring symbolized his ownership. Additionally, ancient Romans believed the ‘Vena Amoris’ or ‘Vein of Love’ connected the left ring finger directly to the heart, which is why the wedding ring is only ever placed on this finger.


Stag Nights

One of the oldest wedding traditions is the stag night and it hasn’t changed much since the Spartans started it in the 5th Century B.C. Stag nights are when a groom celebrates his last night as a single man. No superstitions, no evolution, just the same celebration with the same purpose and I’m guessing the same outcome – MESSY.



Bouquet In ancient times, bouquets were made up of pungent herbs and spices like garlic and dill. The reason was to ward off those pesky evil spirits and prevent ill health. Fortunately times have changed and we have evolved to become a less superstitious society. Nowadays, brides carry bouquets made up of fragrant flowers as oppose to pungent herbs.


Throwing Rice

Throwing Rice In ancient times, rice symbolized the seed of life. Traditionally it was thrown at the newlywed couple as they departed from the church. This gesture was to wish the couple luck, prosperity and fertility. Nowadays, it's simply seen as littering and apparently it's not so good for native birds. These days, people are replacing rice with ribbons or confetti.


In ancient times, rice symbolized life's seed. At weddings, it was thrown at the couple to wish them luck, prosperity, and fertility. However, modern environmental concerns have shifted this tradition. People often replace rice with biodegradable confetti, flower petals, or even bubbles to be eco-friendlier and prevent harm to wildlife. The essence of the tradition persists: showering the couple with well-wishes as they embark on their new life together. The new trend reflects a blend of time-honored practices and contemporary values while maintaining the ritual's joyous spirit.


Carrying the Bride over the Threshold

Carrying the Bride over the Threshold Traditionally speaking, there were two different reasons the groom carried the bride over the threshold. In some parts of the world it was to protect his bride from being possessed by evil spirits. Back then, brides were considered as being highly vulnerable to spirit intrusion. In other parts of the world, it was a way of preventing the bride from appearing too eager to lose her virginity. Nowadays, it’s a romantic gesture, one that I hope sticks around forever.

There are so many more interesting wedding traditions and typically most of them spawn from our ancient ancestors’ superstitious natures. Can you think of any? What is your favorite wedding tradition?

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My hilariously insane math teacher told us (I don't know why, he teaches math! Why would he tell us this!?) that women had bouquets because they only showered twice a yr and smelled so bad and they wanted to smell good for their husbands even though he also smell godawful! Yeah.......he's a little nuts


With all the talk of 'ancient' times and evil spirits, it seems odd she speaks mainly of American traditions now. As I can speak to history, am Scottish I have never heard of a 'stag party' or 'bachelor's party' except here. When I married my Greek husband he requested we wear our rings on our right hands as many European and all Eastern Orthodox countries do even now. On our honeymoon we met a Canadian, Russian Orthodox couple. Our conversation started about our rings! And it is thru my history college classes that a 'bridesmaid' was one of two witnesses, including Scots and English nobility, though some had a flower girl and only one or two extras with the exception if royalty. This dress is stunning, but as an original hippie, even I am stunned at the use of strapless gowns particularly in Catholic and Orthodox weddings! As Orthodox even a sleeveless sundress is frowned upon in church without a sweater or jacket. Yet strapless is acceptable for a bride. And my husband wasn't the least bit interested in a stag night/party nor did I have a 'shower' or party of any kind. It seems to be all about $$$$$$$$$$$.

Am I the only one that thinks the fact that now when bridesmaids where totally different dressed it's now a bullseye to the bride.. Maybe that's why so many ppl breakup ;) j/k

Everyone getting married should have whatever style of wedding that they choose. It your big day!

oh and I am not having any bridesmaids - have no time for that.

I'm with you on that Katiyana 👍 my wedding will be tiny and not doing bridesmaids, no point!

Cute dress

It's really nice articles

I don't understand the stag night? That's called bachelor party? Stag parties are when the bride AND groom celebrate with their family and friends.. While the family and friends spend tons of money on drinks and games that the money ends up going to the bridal party to pay for the wedding....

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