7 Obvious Signs That You Are High on Wedding Fever ...


7 Obvious Signs That You Are High on Wedding Fever ...
7 Obvious Signs That You Are High on Wedding Fever ...

Whether you are in a serious relation or you are still single, it’s not uncommon to get struck with wedding fever if you are in your late twenties or early thirties. You’ll start obsessing over marriage and all the little details of the perfect wedding. A lot of women experience different symptoms of wedding fever and it all starts when their friends are posting some of their engagement photos online, then they attend a couple of weddings and without even noticing, they start planning their own weddings in detail, even if their boyfriends haven’t proposed yet. Here are a few obvious signs that you are high on wedding fever that you should consider:

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You’ve Already Tried on a Wedding Dress or Two

One of the most obvious signs that you’re high on wedding fever is the fact that even though you haven’t decided to get married yet, you've already visited a couple of wedding boutiques. Maybe you've even tried on a wedding dress or two just to get an idea of what to wear on your big day. You already know what style suits you best and you often buy wedding magazines and dog-ear every wedding dress you like.


You’ve Already Chosen Your Maid of Honor

The fact that you’ve already chosen your maid of honor and all the other bridesmaids (even if you are not going to get married anytime soon) indicates that you’ve been hit pretty hard by wedding fever. It’s okay to think about who you would like to be your maid of honor on your big day but if you start telling your friends that they will be your bridesmaids at your wedding, they might be a little surprised since you haven’t even decided to get married yet.


You’ve Selected the Song for Your First Dance

You don’t plan on getting married anytime soon but you already know what band is going to play at your wedding reception and you’ve locked down the song for your first dance. You also have the choreography in mind and you know what choreographer you are going to hire to turn this dream into reality.


You Wrote Your Guest List

You already wrote the guest list for your wedding (which will be in a couple of years from now) and you even have particular seating arrangements in mind. Also, you know which stores will be on your registry and which stores will not, since you already know what gifts you would like to receive for this special occasion.


You’ve Searched Wedding Planners in Your Area

Even if your boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet or if you don’t even have a boyfriend right now, you’ve already searched all the wedding planners in your area and you saved their contact details. You also know what theme your wedding is going to have and who will perform the wedding ceremony.


You’ve Chosen Your Photographer

Another obvious sign that you’ve been struck by wedding fever is the fact that you’ve already chosen the theme of your engagement and wedding photos, and you also know the perfect photographer you are going to hire for your big day. Some of the women hit by wedding fever have already talked to that photographer just to make sure that they will be free for their big day - for which they haven’t even set a date yet.


You Watch Reality Shows about Weddings

Most women hit by wedding fever do like to watch a lot of reality shows about weddings, about women who are buying their wedding dresses, about bridezillas who step all over people just to get their own way. You are also very captivated by them and you often cry hysterically in delight or disgust.

Even though wedding fever can consume and overwhelm you, try to remember that the most important aspect of marriage and weddings is love. Have you ever been hit by wedding fever? Do you know any other signs that someone might be high on wedding fever? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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well you'd think all these things in your head and tried on the dress, we haven't even set a date for our wedding yet and i've done all these things already except the last 3. did i mention i already bought my dress lol..!

ok i'll admit it! im so high right now for this things hahahaha

Is it weird to be doing some of these things at age 16

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