7 Worst Wedding Guests That Can Ruin Any Wedding ...


Nothing can ruin a wedding faster than having one of the worst wedding guests in attendance. There are several types that can make your day all about them instead of you, and those are the people you want to leave off the invitation list. As the day approaches, be on the lookout and cut down your guest list by eliminating the worst wedding guests.

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The Ex

Even if you're on a friendly basis, the ex is definitely among one of the worst wedding guests to invite to your wedding. Someone's feelings are bound to be hurt, hopefully not the bride's or groom's. But why play with fire and invite the ex at all? Resist sending the invitation just to rub it in his face, because he might show up and try to rub it in yours.


The Crazy Relative

Maybe your aunt spread rumors about him, or his cousin has a vendetta against you. Every family tree has a few nuts, and those nuts don't typically need to be invited to the wedding. If you have to invite them simply because they're family, seat them in the back and minimize contact! You shouldn't have to worry about surviving the night without a snarky comment from Uncle Bob.


The Girl Who Wants to Upstage You

There's one at every wedding. She dresses in the most bedazzled outfit and pays to have her hair and makeup done. Her heels are four inches tall and her perfume is overwhelming. She's insecure and she wants the attention on her, not you. If she happens to show up at your wedding, ignore her. It's your day and no one will pay any attention to her. And ladies, don't be that girl. Wearing white to a wedding or trying to outshine the bride is pathetic, and people will see it a mile away.


The Boozer

This type of person consumes enough alcohol for everyone and makes a fool of himself at parties. He's all about drinking and getting drunk. That may be okay at his parties, but on your wedding day, the last thing you want is a really drunk friend making a fool of himself. Use discretion when deciding whom to invite, especially if alcohol will be present, so that your spotlight doesn't land on your drunk friend instead of you.


The Kids

Some weddings are a family affair, but typically when there's a party with a lot of children and little adult supervision, things can get out of hand very quickly. It would be devastating to watch the cake you just paid a good amount of money for wind up on the floor because some little tykes wouldn't stop running when you asked them to. Unless they're in the wedding party, kids shouldn't generally be on the guest list.


The Wedding Crashers

Obviously there isn't much you can do if someone decides to show up to your wedding unannounced. The best you can do is ignore it. As for you wedding goers: if the invite doesn't specifically say to invite a plus one, it's rude to bring along a friend without asking the bride and groom first, so keep that in mind.


The Naysayer

Sometimes, no matter how long you've been engaged or how much you've proven yourself ready to be married, there will always be that one person who doesn't approve. Whether it be a parent or a friend, it's hurtful and can cause a lot of stress. The best thing you can do in the situation is evaluate their concerns if they have them and decide for yourselves if you're making the right decision. If you come to the conclusion that the wedding is the right choice, then go for it and don't let their negativity weigh you down. Just be sure you've examined every angle and you know deep down that it's the best thing for both of you.

If your wedding is coming up, examine your invitation list and be careful not to invite one of these seven worst wedding guests to your event. And as wedding goers, be careful not to be one of these stereotypes. Support your friend on their big day and leave those drunk dance moves behind. Have you ever experienced one of these stereotypes firsthand?

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My uncle bob is nice!

I was one of those stereo types. whoops. I was the chick that wanted to out do the bride. I really didn't like the bride because she treated her fiancé like a dog. She'd click and point to get him to do things. My boyfriend (at the time) also didn't like his SIL so he helped me pick out a great dress which showed massive cleavage and I took a sip oft drink in EVERY group photo (which they now probably appreciate). my Karma is coming though because we having a small wedding of less then 40 and I know at least 5 out of your list of 7 will be there

What wud a wedding b widout kids com on!!

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