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Wedding clichés are easy to find but sometimes difficult to avoid in your own wedding planning. Whether you’re looking to forgo every single wedding cliché while planning your own wedding, or simply want to avoid a few of the really cheesy ones, you’ll find something on this list to cross off. Plus, it’s your wedding. If there are wedding clichés you really love but think that it might be too cheesy, go for it anyway. That is unless that cliché is the garter toss. It is my personal mission to eradicate the garter toss from weddings everywhere and save millions from the inevitable awkward situation. I kid.

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Overplayed Music

I completely understand if a certain overplayed wedding song means a lot to you and you want it played at your wedding, whether it’s Butterfly Kisses or At Last. However, I can’t forgive those other cheesy overplayed songs making their way into every wedding set list ever, like the Chicken Dance and the Cha-Cha Slide. Those songs are some of the worst wedding clichés out there. I understand that it’s a way to get people on the dance floor, but there must be some other way!


Sure, your grandma might adore the Macarena, but trust me, there are fresher tunes that won't make your wedding playlist sound like a stale '90s school dance. Why not spice it up with some world music or request your DJ remix old classics with a contemporary beat? It's all about creating that balance - cherishing the meaningful while steering clear of the eye-roll-inducing tracks that have been done to death. Make your soundtrack as unique as your love story, not just another repeat offender in the wedding hall of fame.


The Trend of the Time

I cannot even count how many times I’ve seen horrible wedding pictures only to hear the bride defend her decisions by saying it was the trend of the time. Don’t pick anything too trendy for your wedding, whether it’s the bridesmaid dresses, your own dress, or even something simple like the table arrangements. Try to forget about what’s trendy and stick to something you’re almost positive you won’t hate in ten to fifteen years.


Over-Posed Photography

This cliché has gotten better with the influx of Pinterest pose ideas, but it still holds true. While rigidly posed photography may look uniform, it may also make your photographs look pretty awkward in the end. Relax, and don’t worry so much about every little detail.


Many couples are now seeking a more natural and candid approach to capture the essence of their special day. Instead of directing every pose, consider allowing moments to unfold organically. This doesn’t mean you should eliminate all posed photographs—some structured shots can be beautiful—but incorporating spontaneous interactions and genuine emotions will add a layer of authenticity to your album. Let your smiles and glances reflect your true feelings, and your photos will tell a story that feels uniquely yours.


Unity Sand/Candle/Anything

I understand that this is a symbolic gesture, but I’ve rarely seen a unity sand ceremony that didn’t look tacky in the end. It’s a nice sentiment, but the whole point of a wedding is that “two become one.” Do you really need a candle or some sand to display that?


In theory, blending something like sand or wax is a sweet illustration of unity. However, this ritual often leads to an awkward pause in the ceremony as everyone watches granules of sand slowly combine. It's a predictable metaphor that doesn't quite resonate with everyone. Plus, it creates yet another wedding item that either gathers dust or is eventually forgotten. Consider whether this tradition holds personal meaning for you, or if it's just another item on the wedding cliché bingo card. After all, your vows are already a powerful testament to your union.


Disposable Cameras

Maybe this is just in my own personal experience, but I had a party with disposable cameras on every table and it didn’t end well. Rather than getting pictures of people enjoying themselves at the party, I got stupid, useless pictures of virtually nothing. It was a waste all around. Maybe this isn’t the case for most weddings, but considering my own experience, I would never go this route again.


Everything Matches

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a color scheme. What I’m not so keen on, though, is when everything matches to a scary degree. You don’t need to bathe in the room in the color of your choice. A color scheme is great, but do you really need a pink chocolate fountain?


The Garter Tossing

I don’t know if I’m the only person who feels so uncomfortable over this tradition, but I can’t imagine that I am. Watching the entire garter toss has felt awkward to me since I was a little girl. It’s always felt too personal for hundreds of your closest family and friends to watch. Plus, as a very young girl, it always put the fear of God in me that I would catch the bouquet and some random stranger who was close to twenty years my senior would have to put the garter on me. It’s an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved, and I wish it were a tradition that would die out, and soon.

What’s a wedding tradition or cliché you’re eager to forgo? Did you skip any of these at your wedding, or are you planning to? Let me know in the comments!

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I agree with the disposable cameras. We did this is none of the pics came out because of the lighting. People shared pics they took with their phones and they came out much better!

We put the garter on my husband and blindfolded his closest friend

This article is dumb! These 'clichès' are family traditions for some people and it's downright mean and uncivilized to express such opinions!

i like the garter idea, haven't seen it happen at a wedding yet - @ashley I love your idea though hehe

I'm getting married in a month, and gotta say, yay me! I'm not doing but one of these! The sand ceremony. However, we are doing rose colored heavy bottles, and not the super cheap/incredible tacky type. Nor are we having a funnel to do it! Which I have witnessed, while I was a bridesmaid, annnnnd literally got the "that just happened" look on my face!

The cha Cha slide is one of my family's traditions though!!! :D

The dollar dance where the guests pay a dollar to dance with the bride. Pretty common in the Midwest and completely tacky

Come up with a creative hashtag for your wedding or party and ask everyone to tag their pictures with it on twitter and instagram.

im getting married in 5 months and I will be doing a garter toss but just having pictures instead of putting it on the girl

I had the garter toss but rather than having the guy put the garter on the girl we had them pose holding the flowers and garter an then a funny photo where he had the garter on his head and she reenacted catching the bouquet! It was way better lol.

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