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4 Fun Songs to Walk down the Aisle to ...

By Diana

**Wedding songs **for the walk down the aisle have come a long way from the traditional slow tune our parents and grandparents played at their weddings. Many couples are now looking for fun pop and rock songs to **walk **and **dance down the aisle **to. The party now gets started right from the beginning! Here are a few of my favorite songs for weddings this yours on this list?

1 Marry Me...

You can feel the words through your soul as you listen to the love in this sweet, romantic song. As you walk down the aisle to Train's 'Marry Me'your eyes will connect and your love will lift you high above the clouds. Wouldn't the words of this song be perfect to add into your vows! Every time I hear this song I think of our wedding day and smile.

2 I do...

There isn't a song of **Colbie Caillat's **that I haven't fallen in love with since first hearing her pop hit, "Bubbly", a few years ago. So when I saw the commerical on TLCfeaturing her new song I wanted to download it right away so I could keep singing the fun lyrics! Dance down the aisle to her hit,"I Do" that she sang in Times Squarefor the Royal Weddingand your new man will say 'I Do' too!

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3 Rhythm of Love...

For couples looking for a song that is less mushy and romantic, you'll find that Plain White T's 'Rhythm of Love' is a tune that everyone can rock to! It has a great beat, fun guitar chords, and lyrics that even the guys will approve of.

4 Marry You...

Get your bridesmaids to join in on the fun walk down the aisle as you and your ladies skip to the church bells in Bruno Mars 'Marry You'. This is a great song for any type of wedding, traditional or offbeat. I can see couples in Vegas getting hitched to this one!

Will you walk down the aisle to something fun and upbeat?

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