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Sending out your save the date notifications kicks off all the excitement about your wedding. You can't wait to let everyone know your big day is coming and that you want to share your special event with your loved ones. You might want a save the date communication that sets the tone for your wedding, if you have already decided on theme. Or, you might just want something cute because your mind is still whirling with ideas for the most important day of your life. Need some inspiration? Get comfy and browse this collection of save the date ideas.

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Scrabble Tiles

pink,finger,mouth,close up,leg, Via Blushing Bride Wedding
I really love idea of using scrabble tiles for save the date but just a weenie bit of me says the year is missing and that's a vital bit of info. I guess most people would assume the same year? I think so!


An Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit

poster,sketch,drawing,illustration,ought, Via 11 Disney Wedding Ideas That ...
A cute idea.


Away All Boats

clothing,footwear,thigh,fashion,leg, Via Nautical Wedding: 10 ways to ...
Push the boat out if you're having a nautical themed wedding.



person,man,ceremony,interaction,ANDYH, A chalkboard message is so simple but so good too.


Save the Date Sign

photograph,people,person,photography,man, Via Save the Date Sign. Shabby ...
Make your own or find signs on Etsy.


Fab Feet

people,ceremony,footwear,interaction,romance, Via Amanda + Casey | Engagement ...
The most "sole"ful way to send your save the date message.



football player,player,sports,sport venue,play, Via Gorgeous West Virginia Engagement Session ...
If he wants football, let him have it. It might be the only say he has in your wedding theme ^_^


Step up

photograph,white,black and white,black,image, Via DaSweetZpot personalized and custom favors ...
Your own little stairway to heaven.


Rustic Wooden Sign

interaction,THE,WALRUS, Via 22 Cute Save the Date ...
So easy. Just a wooden board and some paint.



calendar,writing,hand,label,number, Via Make your own instagram save ...
I didn't want to bore you with them but there really are thousands of downloadable and printable save the date notifications available on the internet. There's all sorts of themes, designs, colors and well... just about everything really. Downloadables and printables are a godsend if you are already watching your budget.



product,brand,OLDE,ITS,WINNINGCOMBINATION, Via Wedding Invitations & Stationery Ideas ...
What a fabulously cut idea this is. Thank you Martha Stewart for the tutorial.


Pumpkin Bulletin

people,SAME,THI,DATI,PHOTO, Via Brittany + Brad | South ...
If you're getting married in fall or you're sending out the save the dates in fall, you can't get more seasonal than pumpkins.


Your Presence is Key

pink,petal,ふふみん,eACnce,cia, Via Planning a Pin-Worthy Wedding (A ...
Very pretty but unless you’ve got a stash of antique keys you'll have to source these cards online - Etsy is the best place to start.


Fall Leaf

tree,flower,plant,flora,botany, Via 14 of The Cutest Ways ...
Another great fall idea.



ceremony,interaction,eptembe,22012, Via 10 Cute DIY Save The ...
No sitting on the fence with this


The 3-D Secret Decoder Message

color,red,text,pink,art, Via 36 Cute And Clever Ways ...
Your intended guests certainly won't be expecting this!


Sure to capture the imagination and curiosity, this interactive invitation adds a playful twist to your save-the-date announcement. Guests will receive a seemingly abstract collection of colors and shapes, only to discover that, with the aid of a special decoder, a hidden message reveals the important details of your special day. It's a unique keepsake that embodies the magic and mystery of your upcoming union. Plus, it’s an enjoyable way for friends and family to engage with your wedding from the moment they mark their calendars!


Frame It

font,sign,signage,Our,LOVE, Via Keep Calm & Carry On...: ...
This is for an engagement shoot but you can use it as a save the date by putting in your wedding day.


Doggy Message

people,interaction,621513, Via Rustic Save The Date Sign
Get your beloved pooch involved too.


Luggage Tag

food,09.05.14, Via Mary + Kosta's Luggage Tag ...
Having a destination wedding? Plenty of places online to get personalized items.


Go Rustic

art,organ,pattern,SAVE,OUR, Via 12 Rustic Kraft 'Save the ...


Invoke the charm of nature with a rustic 'Save the Date' that brings the outdoors right to your guests' doorsteps. These quaint reminders, often crafted on kraft paper or with natural elements like wood and twine, set the tone for a countryside or barn wedding. Imagine the warm, inviting feel of the paper as family and friends mark their calendars. Whether it's delicate lace detailing or the robust texture of burlap accents, the tactile experience of these cards makes the anticipation of your special day even more tangible.



soil,lawn,Elizabeth,ugust,2013, Via Cute Wedding Ideas. <3
This will show you are very "deer" to one another.



font,label,art,organ,material, Via You&#8217;re Invited! 26 Inventive Save ...
Proof of your never-ending attraction to each other.


Sand Words

photograph,beach,sea,horizon,ocean, Via 50 "Save the Date" Photo ...
An oldie but goodie.


Inflatable Printed Balloon

pink,food,lip,toy,dessert, Via wedding
How clever is this?


Tying the Knot

art,product,paper, Via 14 Fun and Creative Wedding ...
Oh my! I love this. Do you?


Calendar Keychain

keychain,fashion accessory,font,silver,chain, Via SALE Gift For Him, Calendar ...
Etsy is full of some very creative and clever save the date ideas.



ceremony,romance,brand,interaction,marriage, Via 14 DIY Wedding Ideas - ...
All you need is a poster board and a permanent marker (and someone to take the photo)


You Need Hands

white,black and white,finger,close up,hand, Via Flickr
Tray yourselves to a manicure before doing this!



balloon,hot air balloon,cartoon,toy,heart, Via couples photos
Can anyone ever resist balloons?


Perfect Pooches

dog,mammal,dog breed,vertebrate,dog like mammal, Via Save The Date Chalk Boards
This is so precious.


Pallet Sign

backyard,lawn,home,JENNIE,MARE, Via Jennifer Stoehr Photography - Houston ...
Well that really tells it like it is.



ceremony,season,autumn,romance,BETTENCOURT, Via bettencourtchase.blogspot.com
I love all the fall pics but the bench idea translates well to any season.


Pencil Us in

text,label,writing,calligraphy,PENCIL, Via Woodcard - Engraved & Printed ...
Smart! And who wouldn't find a freebie pencil of use.

Are you getting ready to send out your save the date notifications? How exciting! Any of these ideas spark your interest or do you have your own great idea?

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Adorable!! Especially the " Perfect Pooches" :)

I like the football

😍 nice ideas

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