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7 Advantages of a Winter Wedding ...

By Alison

What are the advantages of a winter wedding? Spring, summer and fall may be more common choices for a wedding date, but this means that there are many benefits to choosing winter instead. As well as practical reasons for setting a date in winter, there is also something quite special and romantic. Here are some of the advantages of a winter wedding …

1 Romance

One of the advantages of a winter wedding is that it can be very romantic. You may even be lucky enough to get snow for your wedding. Imagine how beautiful the photos would look against a snowy background! And it's not impossible for the sun to shine in winter, so you could still have a lovely sunny day.

2 Availability

If you plan a winter wedding you'll find it easier to get the people and places you want for your wedding. Many venues are booked up to two years in advance. Photographers and wedding cars are naturally busier in the warmer months as well. You won't have the same competition if you choose a date in winter.

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3 Cheaper

As well as being easier to book what you want, choosing a winter wedding could also save you lots of money. You'll find that everything from the venue to the photographer is cheaper than in summer. Because they don't get so many bookings in winter, wedding-related services will offer competitive prices for the quieter months, and you will probably find it substantially cheaper.

4 Different

Having a winter wedding is also different from the norm. Everyone wants their wedding to be special, so what better way to do that than to choose January or February for your big day? Your wedding will stand out in the calendar, rather than being just one of many dates in the wedding season.

5 Shorter Planning Time

If you don't want to spend two years planning your wedding - and not every bride does - setting a winter date can work very well. Because it will be easier to book the venue you want, you can pick a date that's not far in the future. A winter date will probably ensure that everything comes together much more easily than if you have to coordinate everything for the summer.

6 Guests

Since summer weddings are popular, you may find that your guests have other commitments for that day. Summer weddings also have to compete with vacations. Pick a day in winter instead, and your guests will probably find it easier to attend.

7 The Dress

Finally, although you won't be able to wear one of the strapless dresses that are so fashionable at the moment, a winter wedding does give you a lot to choose from. Dresses with sleeves can look amazing, as can colors other than white or ivory. You can also pick stunning accessories like a faux fur bolero, or a warm wrap, which will make your wedding outfit stand out.

If you like to be different, then a winter wedding could be for you. If you choose one of the colder months, your wedding will be memorable and atmospheric. You'll need to plan for potential bad weather - but then it could pour with rain in the summer! What is the most memorable wedding you've been to, and why?

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