7 Unique Christmas Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Be Loved ...


7 Unique Christmas Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Be Loved ...
7 Unique Christmas Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Be Loved ...

Christmas time is an extremely popular time of year for people to get married, and if you’re going to a bridal shower or wedding reception, consider some of these particularly unique Christmas wedding gift ideas that are a twist on the original ones most people buy. Christmas wedding gifts can be really trendy and helpful too, not just practical and something off a registry. While those items are great, people love getting unique gifts as something special. Check out some of these especially unique and fun Christmas wedding gift ideas that will give you a fresh perspective on seasonal giving.

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Embroidered Stockings

Embroidered Stockings One of the loveliest and most unique Christmas wedding gift ideas I’ve seen so far involves buying the bride and groom especially nice embroidered stockings, made of fine material like silk. Have their initials or just their last name’s first initial on the stocking, in a big, pretty design. Try to find out what colors they will be decorating their house in to match, and don’t go with those tacky and traditional red and green stockings that cost less than a few dollars apiece. Solid colors and nice material make the gifts nice and not cheap. For instance, purchase a beautiful champagne gold color and have it initialed with brown and black silk material. This looks extremely elegant and nice. You can even get small beads speckled along the top, and they look extremely decadent. You can buy your own stockings anywhere, and have them embroidered at places like Things Remembered or Personal Creations.


First Christmas Together Champagne Glasses

First Christmas Together Champagne Glasses If you’d like to help the new couple celebrate their first Christmas together, buy them champagne glasses. Have either their wedding date placed on them, or a nice saying such as the year with “First Christmas Together” imprinted into the glass. Do be sure to buy high quality glasses so they hold up well, and even consider adding a nice bottle of champagne with them as well.


A Front Door Initial Wreath

A Front Door Initial Wreath Have you ever seen those fancy wreaths with dramatic designs and specialized initials placed on them? I love these holiday wreaths that are both decadent and incredibly festive looking. Consider buying the new couple a really nice (not cheap) wreath for their new front door and have a professional add their initials to it, along with decadent bows and ribbons. You can find these at places such as Etsy, or contact a local specialist in your area. Harry and David is also a great place to find one.


Glass Ornaments

Glass Ornaments If you’re not too close to the bride and groom and don’t want to buy anything too expensive, try buying some upper end glass ornaments. Clear ornaments look the most elite and elegant, much more so than colored. Have their names or initials placed on the ornaments, along with a special date or sentiment of their wedding. Most couples that get married will get several of these, but they’ll always appreciate another ornament to hang on their tree as a reminder of their special day.


Christmas Dishes

Christmas Dishes If the bride and groom are registered somewhere and already picked out some dinnerware or china bought by someone else, consider buying them a really nice set of Christmas dishes from the same store, or another store. Most brides will love this idea, since it gives them something special to use during the holidays for their new home. Also, try to find out what colors their new home will be decorated in so you can match their colors as best as possible.


A set of Christmas dishes makes a great wedding gift for the newlyweds. You can find Christmas dishes at many stores, and you can even find sets that match the colors of the couple's new home. These dishes can be used for special occasions during the holidays, and they will be a reminder of the couple's special day. Additionally, Christmas dishes can be used for years to come, making them a timeless and thoughtful gift.


A Nice Mailbox

A Nice Mailbox Many couples may already have a mailbox, and if they do, you can either purchase them a nicer, new one, or buy them a special holiday adornment for their own. These can include special fir mailbox adornments with their initials, or a bright, cheery red mailbox with their house number and initials for the holiday season. You can find a lovely example at Harry and David: harryanddavid.com.


A Special Wine Assortment or Subscription

A Special Wine Assortment or Subscription If you know the new couple enjoys fine wines, consider buying them a special wine assortment from a gourmet wine supplier, or a subscription to a “Wine a Month” club. If this isn’t an option, there are many other assortment gifts and subscriptions for the holidays a couple might enjoy. Plus, this gives them a gift all throughout the year, not just during the holidays. Yet, it will be especially appreciated during the gift-giving season! You can find wonderful ideas at Harry and David: harryanddavid.com.

Have you ever been to a Christmas wedding? They truly are some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to, and always put me more in the spirit than weddings during other times of the year. They’re the perfect way to ring in the holiday season of love and happiness.

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Love these ideas. This is the best forum I have found for planning my wedding. So many great ideas. I have to share my personal find. We ordered to have a sketch of my dress and my husbands suit created by this super cute company, My Dreamlines. This would be great for a Christmas wedding gift, as you can customize the frame wording to make it Christmasy.

I suggest you take a look here you will find what you need. giftidea ai

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