Stop Comparing Your Wedding to Others for These Reasons ...


Comparing your wedding to others is not a good idea. This can be a temptation when you are in the planning phase of your wedding or if you have recently gotten married. It is only natural to notice what others are doing. However, it is best to steer clear of comparing your wedding to others for your own mental health.

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Weddings Are Unique

One reason you should refrain from comparing your wedding to others is that weddings are unique. Weddings are meant to reflect the individual taste of each couple. There is really no way to accurately compare them because no two couples are exactly alike. It is fine to admire the flair and taste that another wedding has. However, don’t allow that admiration to turn into comparison.


It is Not a Competition

Weddings are not a competition. It really doesn’t matter who has the bigger cake or who spent the most on their wedding. If that is what matters to you about your wedding, it would be a good idea to take some time to think about what you are hoping for when you are married. Your wedding should be a reflection of your love for your partner and your joy at sharing life together.


It Can Make You Feel Bad

Comparing your wedding to someone else’s can make you feel bad. It can make you feel bad if you weren’t able to purchase items as nice as someone else was. Try to focus on being happy for the other couple and wishing them well. Don’t allow those negative feelings to pull you in. They can really make you miserable if you are not careful.


It Can Become a Game

Like any kind of comparison, comparing weddings can become a game. It is a game along the lines of keeping up with the Joneses. It is not fun to play and there are no winners. Others may try to pull you in but you do not have to participate. Instead, gush about how happy you are for them and the game should soon fizzle out.


It Isn’t Fair

It isn’t fair to you or anyone else when you compare your wedding to theirs. Most likely, you have had different resources to work with. One of you may have had more connections than the other. One of you may have had greater financial means to spend on a wedding. It is best to stay away from the whole comparing thing altogether.


You Are Focusing on the Wrong Thing

Comparing weddings is not what you should be focusing on. Focus on your coming life together with your future spouse. Focus on all of the beautiful blessings the future has in store for you. Take it as a sign you need to change your thoughts if you are feeling tempted to compare weddings. Thinking about how wonderful the future can be for you is a much more pleasant line of thought.


It Doesn’t Matter

Although your wedding is very important to you and will always be very special to you, others won’t. No one is going to remember who had the more expensive dress in five years. By that time, people will be at different stages in their lives. Don’t allow comparing your wedding to others to rob you of joy. Focus on your wedding and your happiness.

These are 7 strong reasons for not comparing your wedding to that of others. Have you ever compared your wedding to others? It happens to the best of us; the main point is that you move on!

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