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Most girls spend years planning their perfect wedding, even before a proposal comes, and wow factor centerpieces are one of the details to consider. At the reception, people will be sitting down enjoying a meal, listening to the music or having cake, so you want the tables to look elegant and lend something personal to your wedding reception. Check out these wow factor centerpieces to get yourself started on planning the perfect ones for your tables.

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Flowers Nothing says a wedding like flowers and they’re one of the easiest wow factor centerpieces. When you order your bridal bouquet, you can simply order table arrangements that go with. But, you can also create them yourself for something really stunning that doesn’t cost as much. My mom started growing the flowers for my wedding in her own garden. The morning of, we snipped and arranged the most fresh and beautiful displays. Try a single stem in various thin vases, or use wide vases and stuff them with a variety of flowers that match your color scheme.



Candles Candles are perfect for a romantic evening wedding. And there are millions of ways you can incorporate them into your table settings. Try small circular mirrors with votives in the center. The reflection creates soft lighting that lends to the feel of the room. You can also put large pillar candles in hurricane glasses. For something really breathtaking, try filling tall cylindrical vases with marbles that match your wedding colors. Fill them about ¾ full with water and add a lit floating candle.


Framed Photos

Framed Photos What could be more fun than displaying a variety of photos that highlight the best parts of you and your new spouse’s lives together so far? Make copies of your favorite pictures in a variety of sizes and scatter them on the tables in small formations of three frames here and there. This is a wow factor centerpiece that will get everyone at the table talking and you’ll have some great mementos of the day to display in your home.



Seashells You don’t have to have a nautical themed wedding to incorporate seashells into the table centerpieces. Artistically pile a sand dollar, a starfish and several small shells in shallow glass dishes or even in tall hurricanes if you have enough shells. Another easy way to make the shells look super elegant and classy is to spray paint them. Try a color that is part of your wedding palette, such as Tiffany blue or creamy navy, or go for shiny silver for a neutral color that’ll look great with anything on the table.



Dishes Maybe it sounds strange, but you can use fancy dishes to give your wedding guests a wow factor place to sit. Try clear glass pitchers filled with sand, decorative rocks, flowers or anything else that has a personal meaning to you and your spouse. Use large serving platters or tiered cake stands to hold your shells or photos. Stuff short stemmed flowers into gravy boats or sugar bowls. Use this idea if you want something different from everything you see in the magazines.


Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles If you’re a wine drinker, this is a great way to use up your bottles to create a wow factor centerpiece that won’t cost you any extra money. Save up as many bottles as you’ll need to decorate the tables. Groupings of three look perfect. Spray paint them to match your color scheme and arrange them on the tables. They make great alternatives to vases. You can also remove the labels and leave them as is. Scatter some glass pens nearby and let your guests sign the bottles instead of having a traditional guest book. You can take these wonderful keepsakes home and display them on your fireplace mantel.


Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Gear I’m not suggesting filling your wedding tables with garden gloves or trowels, but looking to nature is a great way to find affordable centerpieces for your wedding. Spray paint large sticks to place down the center. Then add beautiful pots full of succulents. A bowl or two of spray painted leaves and pinecones is also elegant. Add small dishes of moss and a few metal birdcages to round out the look.

What’s your dream wedding centerpiece? Fresh cut flowers are mine – no matter how you mix them in.

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