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There are certain questions to ask your wedding photographer before the big day if you want to be sure to have gorgeous wedding pictures. It is much better to take the time to sit down with your photographer and ask these questions beforehand than to regret that you didn’t later. Schedule a time to talk to your photographer. These questions to ask your wedding photographer are important.

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How Long Have You Been a Photographer?

It is perfectly okay if this makes the list of questions to ask your wedding photographer. You want to know how much experience they have. You only have one chance to have your wedding photos taken. It is not something you can ever recapture. You want to know that your photographer knows what they are doing.


How Many Weddings Have You Photographed?

Again, this one goes back to experience. The photographer that you chose may have been a photographer for years but if they are not experienced with weddings you may want to rethink your choice. Photographers all have certain things that they love to photograph. You want one who loves to photograph weddings. You want someone whose passion for their work will shine through.


What is Your Favorite Pose for a Wedding Portrait?

It is good to listen to the wisdom of your photographer. It is perfectly fine to explain what poses you want to your photographer for them to work with. But you want to let them use their expertise for the good of your big day, too. Let them tell you what pose works well. You can always say no but you just might love the idea they give you.


Will You Be Free All Day That Day?

It is optimal if your photographer can be free all day the day of your wedding. You really don’t want them feeling rushed or having other appointments to get to. It is best if they can be completely available for you. If they are rushed, you are going to feel rushed. Their hurried manner could potentially show in their work.


Do You Have a Back up Photographer if You Are Unable to Photograph Our Wedding?

You don’t want to think that it could happen, but unexpected situations do occur for everyone. You need to know that your wedding photographer is going to have a backup plan if something happens that they cannot photograph your wedding. Of course you want the first choice you made, but a backup photographer is better than no photographer at all.


May We See Some of Your Work?

It is perfectly acceptable to ask to see some of the photographer's work, and specifically some of the wedding photos they have taken. If you don’t look at them, how will you know how their work is? Any photographer should be happy to show you their work. Most are very pleased to do so. If this is a problem, move on to someone else.


What Advice do You Have for Us?

Ask the photographer what advice they have for you to help make your wedding photos more successful and memorable. You certainly want to bring your ideas to the table but don’t count theirs out. They know what works and what doesn’t. They may offer you advice that you would have never thought of. It could end up giving you your very favorite photo of all.

These questions can help you to feel much more confident about your wedding photos. How do you feel about asking these kinds of questions? I would love to hear from you.

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