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If you and your partner just generally love animals or want your pets to share your big day, there are some great ways to include animals in your wedding. You can get really creative but you have to remember crucially, that this means a extra pile of things to add to your wedding planning because there’s a whole pile of considerations. You’ll need to think about all the practical factors such as venue and all the human factors too – i.e. the potential impact on your guests. If you are prepared to put the effort into the planning, there are some really cute and fun ways to include animals in your wedding; like these, for example:-

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Ring Bearer

This is one of the most common of the ways to include animals in your wedding. If you have a well behaved pet dog, find some cute accessories and a ring cushion/box, and have your pooch join the bridesmaids and page boys on the walk down the aisle. Obviously, the doggie accessories should fit with your color scheme. Remember to organize someone to undo the ring at the appropriate time and don’t forget to one, check that doggies are allowed in your venue and two, you have someone willing to look after the dog ALL day.


Your Carriage Awaits

If you’re thinking about ways to include animals in your wedding but you really want minimum fuss and effort because you’ve got so many things to organize, stick with tradition. Arriving in or transferring between venues in a horse drawn carriage is a timeless classic.


Owl Post

Poor owls! There they were living a happy, quiet existence. Then along came J K Rowling who invented the owl postal service. Of course, great ideas in the movies (books) get transferred to the real world, and there are now owl wedding service companies who will provide a specially trained owl to deliver your ring. I think the sight of a gorgeous snowy owl in silent flight gliding down to you is a wonderful way to add something special to your service (as long as it doesn’t release its own little packages on your guests’ heads). Just search for relevant companies on the Internet if this idea takes your fancy.


Photo Opportunities

If you somehow want your pets involved but don’t want to deal with the hassle of looking after them all day, just find a way to include them in the photos. You might have a friend or family member who won’t mind taking the responsibility of fetching, looking after your pet and delivering home again. Again, be sure to check that your venue allows animals, but more importantly, don’t forget to talk to your photographer about you having your pet in the pictures.


A Decorative Touch

Remember how one of the things that pushed Steve Martin over the edge in Father of the Bride was the addition of swans to his bill? Well, the presence of elegant swans wandering the grounds will certainly add something a little different. (I wonder how they stop them flying away?) another decorative touch would be to have love birds in cages bedecked in ribbons around your venue (unless of course you don’t agree with birds in cages!). Heck, you can even go with goldfish in bowls if you love fish!


Entertainment Factor

You know how so many wedding entertainments are pretty cheesy, right? Bad wedding singers, conjurors, and card tricks are all right up there that sound like a good idea but can then fall totally flat. But, everyone loves performing animals. Yes? Having a troupe of acrobatic dogs, performing parrots, or even a bird of prey show would certainly be something your guests would remember. You could also have pony rides for the kids.


On the Wings of Love

Let’s finish with another of the more traditional ways to include animals in your wedding. Doves are an enduring symbol of love and peace. What better way to show your newly declared love to the world than by the release of doves to mark the end of the ceremonial section of your wedding?

Will you be including your pets or other animals in your wedding? What are some other ways that can be considered?

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I AGREE, i mean with horses and birds theres shit, seriously. now i would have to have my poodle carry the rings if he had been around when i got married, but he already has a tux. im mean he dresses for every occassion. and he works in my antique store everyday so he great with people. but never having had kids, my dog is my child. i adore him

Why must you use animals in your wedding like that I don't agree unless it's your pet and their a part of it because you love them but the birds and horses and stuff is just stupid if you love animals you would just let them be and not use them for entertainment

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