7 Engagement Photo Dos and Don'ts to Follow ...


7 Engagement Photo Dos and Don'ts to Follow ...
7 Engagement Photo Dos and Don'ts to Follow ...

I'm sure you're eager to show the world your love, but there are engagement photo dos and don'ts. You have to be careful when choosing your setting and pose if you want the best picture possible. Follow these engagement photo dos and don'ts if you want a photo worth remembering forever. So put on that smile and get ready for the camera!

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Do Dress Appropriately

Do Dress Appropriately There are plenty of engagement photo dos and don'ts you need to be aware of. Keep in mind the fact that your grandparents, parents, nieces and nephews will all be seeing these pictures. You don't want to wear something too sexy or inappropriate during your photoshoot. Your future kids might even be shown these photos, so strike a pose that makes them proud. This is not a time for using tongue. Save that for Miley Cyrus.


Don't Be Afraid of Romance

Don't Be Afraid of Romance A funny photo might sound like a good idea, but is it really how you want to capture your relationship? If there was ever a time to be romantic, it's during this photo. It doesn't have to be super serious, where you're staring into each other's eyes. You can show your fun side, but make sure it also shows your romantic side. A picture where you're holding hands and laughing works just fine.


Do Keep It Simple

Do Keep It Simple You don't need to overthink things. Once you and your man find a place to take the photo, the rest will come naturally. You don't have to force a perfect pose. Do what feels right to you, so that it doesn't come across as fake. Just relax, think about the impending wedding, and enjoy the moment. Taking pictures is one of the fun parts of planning a wedding!


Don't Settle for a Bad Setting

Don't Settle for a Bad Setting You want your background to be equally as beautiful as you and your man are. A fantastic picture of you two can be ruined if the background doesn't fit. Avoid taking your picture in a cluttered area and save the bathroom for selfies. Also make sure that there aren't any other people caught in the background. You don't want them to steal your thunder.


Do Get Creative

Do Get Creative If you want your photo to be unique, think of a unique idea. Use props if you want, but don't use anything too far out there. You don't want the focus to be directed away from you. It is your special day, after all! You should be the center of attention.


Don't Be Afraid of Taking Bad Pictures

Don't Be Afraid of Taking Bad Pictures The road to taking great pictures is littered with bad ones along the way. Not every snapshot is going to be worthy of sending out into the public. You might see a photo and instantly want it erased from your camera and your mind. Don't be too nervous about pictures coming out horribly. It's guaranteed that some won't look the greatest, but you'll find one that's picture perfect.


Do Enjoy It

Do Enjoy It If you're stressed and not having fun posing, it's going to show on your face. You don't want it to feel like a chore to take some photos. You should be having fun while the camera's clicking! You're with the love of your life, trying to tell the rest of the world that you'll be together forever. Why stress about it? It should be fun!

Remember to keep a smile on your face and keep the stress away. Are you in the process of planning a wedding? Did you take an engagement photo yet?

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