9 Great Ways to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor ...


9 Great Ways to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor ...
9 Great Ways to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor ...

With your loved one's wedding slowly approaching, you should be thinking of great ways to be an amazing Maid of Honor. In your important role as the best friend or sister, you will want to make sure that any element that may be missed by the hired professionals is taken care of. Taking both of the guests of honor's personalities and interests into consideration, the job of making sure everything is in order rests on your shoulders. If you are up to the task, following these ways to be an amazing Maid of Honor is sure to help things run smoothly.

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Ready for My Close-up

One of the top ways to be an amazing Maid of Honor is making sure that you exhaust every opportunity for a photo shoot; it is essential that you ask both the bride and groom what poses they were thinking of doing in order to best represent their day. It also doesn't hurt to research different shots that you think the engaged couple should re-enact for their own wedding pictures. Nothing will put a smile on their faces like seeing how inventive and unique their wedding album is!


Follow My Lead, Captain Crunch

Being named the Maid of Honor is like being given the position of captain on a sports team. It is your job to lead and have everyone in the wedding party follow. For example, you should help plan when the bridesmaids will pick up their dresses and accessories.


No Drama Llama

This is going to be on of your most important duties before, during and after the wedding. It is imperative that you keep the bride away from any gossip/drama surrounding the big day. There's no point in allowing the drama to add on to the already expected stressors that come with planning a wedding.


Party in the USA

Some of the biggest milestones that are experienced by the betrothed are the parties thrown to celebrate the joyous occasion. With the help of fellow bridesmaids, throw a fabulous bachelorette party and bridal shower that the bride will be sure to remember!


Break Fast, It's Breakfast Time

Ladies, you should make it your mission to see that the bride doesn't skip any meals on her big day. Greeting her with breakfast when she wakes up would be an awfully sweet thing to do. This is the easiest way to make sure that she doesn't get so wrapped up in the day's events that she forgets to sit down for a well-balanced meal.


The Witness

Take part in signing the lovely couple's marriage license as a witness. The role of a witness is incredibly vital to ensure that the ceremony can take place. This is a very special moment as it will show that you are invested in their love and happiness.


Hostess with the...

Maids of Honor, now is your chance to show off your fabulous hosting skills. During the reception, check on the wedding party/guests. Show them where they can write heartwarming messages for the lovebirds.


Everyone's a Comedian

Always be ready with funny anecdotes to help the bride remain calm. Tell her about that time you saw the chicken crossing the road; make it your job to keep her as elated and excited as possible!


Speech Time!

Writing a heartfelt speech is one of the best ways to give your thanks and blessing to the married couple. Regardless of length, the conviction in your voice as you read the reasons why you are delighted in the face of their happiness is sure to be more than enough.

Being given the gift of this special title is an important milestone in and of itself; it shows that you are treasured as dearly as you deserve to be. Do you have any inspirational wedding stories? What are some ways that you are planning to be a marvelous Maid of Honor?

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My youngest daughter is getting married next month. Both older sisters are "Maid of Honors", they have been doing well so far, but, I'll be sure to pass on these helpful tips...Thank you!

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