Giveaway Closed the Lucky Elephant Bridal Bracelet ...


Giveaway Closed the Lucky Elephant Bridal Bracelet ...
Giveaway Closed the Lucky Elephant Bridal Bracelet ...

I'm getting to know so many wonderful people through twitter, blogging, and facebook. Today I am so pleased to bring to you a lovely **giveaway **from The Lucky Elephant. As soon as I heard about Jutta's beautiful shop I knew I had to get to know her a little more. I love her story and hope you will join us to learn more about her and her gorgeous elephant bracelets...
The Lucky Elephant Shop...
"I was born in Germany and currently live in Chicago with my husband and three children. I have always loved anything & everything creative as well as (good luck) elephants - my sweet spot.

The launch of the **lucky elephant **was one of those things that, in hindsight, feels like it was meant to be. I had just started making jewelry again, was playing around with wrap bracelets and accidentally stumbled upon a cute elephant button one day. I bought the little silver friend, brought him home with me and "the lucky elephant" was born the very next day.

For a few years, I have been involved with Urban Initiatives, a Chicago based nonprofit organization that runs a health and education soccer program in public schools in Chicago’s most undeserved neighborhoods. Very early on I decided that I wanted to continue to support their tremendous work with my business too. 10% of all my proceeds go to Urban Initiatives."
Please help support Jutta and Chicago's Urban Initiatives. If you don't win today's giveaway stop by her shop to explore her wonderful world of elephants.

Leave a comment below to let us know that you follow us both on **Facebook **or **Twitter **and what you hope this **lucky little elephant **brings to you on your wedding day...
Next Monday one lucky winner will be selected to choose a** custom lucky elephant bracelet**, the one pictured is made from a leather cord, Swarovski crystal pearls, rhinestone buttons and Hill tribe fine silver elephant charms.

Good luck!

Facebook links: The Lucky Elephant,AllWomenStalk

Twitter Links:The Lucky Elephant, Wedding Blog

Thanks again to Jutta @ The Lucky Elephant Shop

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Hi, I absolutely LOVE your bracelets, they are beautiful!! I have tried before to win, maybe this time will be my "Lucky" try :)

Am in love with these bracelets. Hoping for luck from the lucky elephants!

Following you on FB

done and done!!! I would love to win this <3

Love you on both Facey & Twitter! & my mother has always loved elephants & has passed that along to me... This would be absolutely perfect to wear!

I LOVE THE LUCKY ELEPHANT!!!! I would love to win this bracelet! I know follow you on twitter and you blog:) As a wedding and party vendor too...I hope this little elephant brings me lots of blog love:)

So cute!

I LOVE these bracelets!!! I already follow on F.B. XO

fan on both fb and twitter--and I LOVE THESE bracelets! So cute! I've been looking for something that will look unique and lovely, but will also have meaning (my family doesnt own much jewelry, so vintage isnt really an option). As far as luck goes, I'd be looking for luck to not fall on my face in front of everyone, and luck for getting to visit with everyone--the happy marriage requires no luck:) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

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