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5 Pretty Bridal Hair Accessories from BHLDN ...

By Diana

First it started with their stunning shoesand now the obsession has moved on to BHLDN's**bridal** hair accessory collection. I'm sure you're wondering about their gowns too and that will come next! Their entire bridal line is just so delicate, vintage, and offbeat, that's why I love it so. Here are 5 pretty bridal hair accessories I am obsessing over from BHLDN...

5 Fluffy & Pink...

Fluffy & Pink...Price: $130.00

It's big, pink, and fluffy! Don't you just love this silk organza headband by that is sold at BHLDN. I can see a Summer bride wearing this as she twirls around on the dance floor in her lovely short wedding dress. It's just adorable!

4 Classy & Elegant...

Classy & Elegant...Price: $72.00

The bride who wears this stunning headband is classy and elegant. She wears white gloves, a fit and flair mermaid gown, red lip, and this wonderful bow headband from Nicole & Co. Look through BHLDN's bridal line and you won't be disappointed.


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3 A Feathered Flower...

A Feathered Flower...Price: $100.00

I love the combination of the pretty pink flower and the rustic feathers. I just love the tone of the** silk flower** in this bridal headband from James Coviello. It's a great piece for a bride who wants to be sophisticated yet different!

2 A Pretty Bow...

A Pretty Bow...Price: $65.00

Is it the dreamy bow or her beautiful smile that captures your heart when you see this photo? She just looks like a bride having an amazing wedding day. Isn't that what we all dream of! They are all so lovely but this is one of my favorites on BHLDNby Giovanni.

1 Unique & Creative...

Unique & Creative...Price: $160.00

I just want to be this cool bride's friend! She's unique, offbeat, and knows how to have a good time. How amazing is this headband from BHLDNby Murmure. The black and white stripes are fun and creative.

**What bridal hair accessories are you obsessed with? **

Photos: BHLDN

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