5 Ways to Choose Your Bridesmaids ...


5 Ways to Choose Your Bridesmaids ...
5 Ways to Choose Your Bridesmaids ...

You are now engaged and have the big decision of choosing the lucky bridesmaids who will stand with you on your big day. But you have a big circle of friends and an even bigger family, or maybe you are an only child with a small group of friends, either way how do you decide? It's a big moment for you and your husband-to-be and you want this moment to be special and only those who matter most should share that moment....

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Someone You Can Trust...

Someone You Can Trust... Photo: Wayne Yuan Photographyvia StyleMePretty

No matter if your maid of honor and bridesmaids are family or friends, make sure they are someone you can trust. This is one of the most important days of your life and you don't need a person in your wedding **party causing drama, pulling out of the wedding at the last minute, or planning an outrageous bachelorette party. You want your ladies, or guys, to be someone you can share secrets with, a person who will tell you the **truth about your wedding gown, and someone you feel close to. Thats why I knew my best friend was the perfect person to be my maid of honor, I can trust her with everything and anything!


Ladies You Love...

Ladies You Love... Photo: Q Weddingsvia StyleMePretty

Your lucky ladies should be someone you love and have a special bond with. There will be things you will share during planning, the bridal shower, and on your wedding day that only those who hold a special place in your heart should experience. I love the idea of having your children or soon-to-be stepchildren in your wedding. My two stepdaughters were my bridesmaids and we shared some of the best moments and memories that we will remember forever.


Someone You Feel Comfortable with...

Someone You Feel Comfortable with... Photo: Docuvitaevia StyleMePretty

There are going to be some silly, embarrassing, and funny moments on your big day and there may be some friends and family members who you wouldn't want to share these memories with. Don't forget, when you have to go to the bathroom you'll want the girls you feel most comfortable with to help you with your big ball gown! As a bride you want to be relaxed and at ease with the women around you, you don't need another detail to worry about.


Girls That Celebrate with Style...

Girls That Celebrate with Style... Photo: Kawartha Photographyvia StyleMePretty

Remember these are the girls who will plan your bridal shower and bachelorette party, you don't want to choose girls who go wild when they celebrate! You want to have fun during these times, but you don't want to end up on Funniest Home Videosor end up in jail because someone drank too much and caused a fight! Celebrate with the ladies who party in style and with poise.


Ladies Who Laugh...

Ladies Who Laugh... Photo: McGowan Imagesvia StyleMePretty

Though you want to make sure they celebrate in style, you also want them to be your friends and family members who know how to laugh and have a good time. Don't pick your cousin who bosses everyone around or your friend who likes to take control of everything. You want your bridal party to get along, share the responsibilities, and not make you ( the bride) worry!

Who will you choose for your lucky group of bridesmaids?

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Great tips! I agree with all of them. I have been in bridal parties where the girls aren't very fun at all. It really changes the mood. There is much less of a fun factor, so choosing girls that can have fun and laugh is important!

Yes great idea and the ideals that apply to bridesmaids apply to friends for rest of your life. You always need friends that will allow you have shine when its your time and vice versa.

I love these tips! And I especially love the first picture and how they all have different dresses :) Hope you have been staying out of trouble while I was gone, haha! :)

I am going to remember this for when the time comes someday hopefully! Thanks for the tips! :)

what a helpful post, diana! i'm sure this will be of use to other brides! great ideas.

Those are such a great tips and I totally agree with them all:) The last photo is so adorable:) Love! Have a relaxing afternoon, darling

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