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Being a plus Size Bridesmaid Guest Blogger the Pretty Pear Bride ...

By Diana

I'm so happy to bring this post to you today because I know many women struggle with their beautiful shape when it comes to being a bridesmaid in a wedding **or being the bride. The lovely Shafonne from The Pretty Pear Bridehas a wonderful site dedicated to **plus size women. Today she is going to share with us her thoughts on how a plus size bridesmaid can educate the bride on getting the right dress that suits everyone....
Finding a Bridesmaid Dress....
Photos: DavidsBridal

"You’ve been asked by your best friend in the whole world to be a bridesmaid and your sooo excited. Until you realize that you’re the only curvy bridesmaid in the bridal party. What do you do?

First off don’t panic, because you have the most important job, you have now become "The Educator". Most people don’t think about incorporating styles that complement different body types, in general and especially when thinking about bridesmaid’s dresses. So this is where you, a beautiful, proud plus size woman have to use your smarts and help educate the bride, on the best styles that make all her bridesmaids feel wonderful."
A Dress for All...
Photos: DavidsBridal

"First things first, you want to guide your friend in becoming more aware of styles that will enhance all body shapes and sizes. I am a plus size woman and always dreaded being asked to be in weddings. Being a curvy woman pretty much all my life, all my friends knew me as such but it is a different situation when your body type plays a part in what everyone else is wearing. Here are a few suggestions to ensure that everyone in the bridal party feel comfortable in what is picked for them to wear."
Work Your Curves...
Photo: TwoBirdsBridesmaidvia TheFashionableBride

"Two-piece or combination dresses come in handy when dealing with different body types because people can get a style and fit that works best for them. Another great alternative is the wrap dress because it can be styled and wrapped all different ways so it complements all different body shapes and sizes. A-line dresses are always a plus because they look good on any body type.

There are so many different types and styles of dresses. You want to help the bride choose a dress that is going to complement each bridesmaid. A dress that looks good on one may not always look good on another. Once you take into consideration all the different body types then you will able to aid in the decision of a dress that all the bridesmaids will LOVE. Now, go forth and educate!!"

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