How to Make a Designer Bouquet for under 30 ...


How to Make a Designer Bouquet for under 30 ...
How to Make a Designer Bouquet for under 30 ...

It doesn't matter if you're planning a wedding or an elegant party. If you want to put together a bouquet that looks like it's designer, then you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. All you need is $30 and some creativity.

According to Elle, all you're going to need are some greens (which create depth), showstoppers or face flowers (which are the focal point of the arrangement), and complements (which will add even more depth and texture).

Check out the video for a quick and easy tutorial:

Now you can create a cheap bouquet that looks super expensive! What are your favorite type of flowers to place around the house?

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I had my coworker do my toss away bouquet for my wedding. It looked just like the real flowers we received from our florist. She added cream roses, w/Swarovski crystals, & tied the stems with Royal blue ribbon and put rhinestones on the bottom. It was beautiful!

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