22 Pieces of Jewelry That Make Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts ...


22 Pieces of Jewelry That Make Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts ...
22 Pieces of Jewelry That Make Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts ...

Bridesmaids gifts can be hard to pick out. You want to appeal to everyone's style, you don't want to spend a ton of money, and you want it to be personal. If you're currently racking your brain looking for bridesmaid gifts, stop. This list of jewelry will help you find the perfect bridesmaid gifts for your best friends and family!

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Mint Opal Personalized Necklace

jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,pendant,gemstone, Source: Personalized Women's Jewelry sisters best
Pick the color from your wedding and their first initial for a necklace that's personalized and a nice keepsake from your special day!


The Mint Opal Personalized Necklace is more than a piece of elegance; it's a token of gratitude. The delicate chain and opal pendant can match any bridesmaid dress, reflecting the thought you’ve put into choosing it. The initial engraving adds that personal touch, making it not just a gift, but a treasured memento. This stylish piece is perfect for wedding celebrations and beyond – a timeless reminder of a bond that shines as bright as the gemstone itself.


Nameplate Bracelet

jewellery,bracelet,fashion accessory,bangle,chain, Source: etsy.com
These simple bracelets are so perfect because they can easily be reworn after the wedding!


Monogram Bracelet

pendant,necklace,jewellery,fashion accessory,locket, Source: etsy.com
Match your best friends with monogram bracelets!


Simple Silver

font,jewellery,fashion accessory,silver,brand, Source: etsy.com
This silver necklace would go with nearly any dress or style you've picked out, making it a great bridesmiad gift!


Gold Bar Necklace

picture frame,product,lighting,wood,rectangle, Source: Gold Bar Necklace - Bridesmaid
Don't you love the minimalist style of this bracelet?


Small Pink Stone

jewellery,fashion accessory,I'MSUCHALUCKY,BRIDE,girls, Source: Blush Pink / Gold Single
This pink stone bracelet is such a great, small touch with a pink dress.


The bracelet features a delicate chain with a focal point of a singular blush pink stone. It's understated elegance incarnate, mastering the blend of sophistication with a whisper of romance. Ideal for bridesmaids who prefer a hint of color to complement their ensemble, it promises to be a keepsake cherished well beyond the wedding day. The adjustable clasp ensures a perfect fit for any wrist, making it both a thoughtful and practical token of appreciation. Plus, its versatility ensures it can be worn for future special occasions, or simply to add a touch of elegance to an everyday look.


Coastal Style

necklace,jewellery,pendant,fashion accessory,locket, Source:etsy.com
This will be the perfect addition to your wedding if it's on the beach or just beach theme!


The Coastal Style necklace featured in this article is the perfect bridesmaid gift for a beach wedding or beach-themed event. It features a beautiful locket with a delicate chain, making it an elegant and timeless accessory. The necklace is made of sterling silver and is adorned with a freshwater pearl. It is a unique and meaningful gift that your bridesmaids will treasure for years to come.


Blush PInk Silver Earrings

Schroothandel,Climarad,font,jewellery,fashion accessory, Source: etsy.com
If you've put your girls in white or champagne dresses, this is the perfect accessory to give them!


Personalized Bangles

cutlery,nail,calligraphy,tableware,hand, Source: Wedding Party Gifts
I love how these bracelets are simple but also so personalized!


The elegance of these bangles lies in their understated design that can be beautifully engraved with each bridesmaid's initials or an important date. They offer a touch of charm and a whisper of sentimentality, while serving as a stylish accessory both on your wedding day and beyond. The versatility of these bangles ensures they will treasure them for years to come, reminiscent of your special bond and the memories you've shared. With their sleek design, they’ll effortlessly complement any outfit, making them the perfect token of appreciation for your bridal party.


Crystal Teardrop

jewellery,fashion accessory,earrings,gemstone, Source: Blush earrings,Blush drop earring,Blush pink
If your girls are dressing to the nines, gift them these stunning earrings!


These gorgeous Blush earrings feature a delicate teardrop-shaped crystal that exudes elegance and sophistication. They will effortlessly complement any bridesmaid dress, elevating the entire bridal party's style. The soft blush pink hue adds a touch of romance, making it an ideal keepsake that your bridesmaids will cherish and be able to wear long after your special day. Truly a versatile accessory, these earrings can be paired with both formal and casual outfits, becoming a go-to piece in their jewelry collection.


Pearl Drop Earrings

pearl,jewellery,fashion accessory,gemstone,material, Source: SET of 6 Bridesmaid Gift
Pearls scream elegance, so why not gift them to your wedding party?


Infinity Ring

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,platinum,silver, Source: Infinity ring, maid of honor
Sure, infinity rings are overdone between couples, so why not gift one to the person who's been in your life the longest, your maid of honor?


Simple Earring Set

Hecho en Peru,font,fashion accessory,brand,label, Source: Bridesmaids Earrings,Personalized Bridesmaids Gift,Crystal Stud
These earrings are perfect for the girl who prefers simple jewelry.


Pearl Initial Jewelry

jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,bead,chain, Source: Bridesmaid Bracelet, Pearl & Initial
I love the simplicity of this necklace!


Petite Crystal Drops

earrings,jewellery,fashion accessory,pendant,locket, Source: Petite Crystal Drops
These are perfectly elegant for your wedding!


Tie the Knot

label,HELP,TIE,KNOT,(will, Source: etsy.com
These knot earrings are perfect for the day you tie the knot!


Infinity Bracelets

jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,chain,material, Source: Personalized Bracelet, Infinity Bracelet, Initial
Make sure your bridesmaids know that you love them infinitely!


Personalized Bangle

jewellery,fashion accessory,ring,bangle,spiral, Source: Bridesmaid Gift, 6 Personalized Brass
Personalize each bracelet with an inside joke or message.


Simple Bracelet

fashion accessory,jewellery,I'MSUCHALUCKYBRIDE,side, Source: Pearl / Gold Bridesmaid Bracelet
This simple bracelet is a stunner!


Winter Wedding

jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,chain,silver, Source: Winter Bridesmaid Jewelry Set of
Gift these if you're having a winter wedding for a great keepsake from the day!


Personalized Bracelets

jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,bracelet,chain, Source: shop.nordstrom.com
Don't you love the tiny monograms on these beautiful bracelets?


Kate Spade Wedding Bangle

fashion accessory,jewellery,bangle,bracelet,BEST, Source: katespade.com
Get your best friend the gift of Kate Spade!

Which piece of jewelry on this list is your favorite? Would you gift any of these to your bridesmaids? Let me know in the comments!

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