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Do you need some bridesmaids gift ideas that won’t break the bank? If you are stumped, this article can give you some inspiration. You do have to be a little more creative when you are buying gifts for your bridesmaids on a budget but it can be done. These bridesmaids gift ideas can give you a start in the right direction.

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A Gift Card

Gift cards are always a great choice in bridesmaids gift ideas. You can purchase them for different amounts which makes this perfect when you are trying to stay under $25. You don’t have to get a gift card for each bridesmaid from the same place. You can personalize it and get them each one from their favorite store. This makes it more unique for them.


Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic bags are something every girl can use. They are also a cute and girly choice in bridesmaid gifts. Additionally, these come in so many different styles and price ranges. You can certainly find some really cute ones for under $25. You can choose to get all of your bridesmaid party matching cosmetic bags or individualize them to their own unique tastes and favorite colors.


A Plush Robe

Who doesn’t love a plush robe? They are a real treat and usually something that most women will not splurge on for themselves. They make a great bridesmaid gift. You can find them at many different stores which allows you to find one that fits within your budget. You can get an even better deal if you watch sales and promotions.



You aren’t going to be able to purchase any what I think of as "real" jewelry for under $25, but there are numerous choices of beautiful costume jewelry. I personally love costume jewelry and most women do. You can get many different choices in so many different color combinations. Right now, mixed metals are very trendy in costume jewelry and would make a great choice for your bridesmaid gifts. It is always a nice idea to give a gift receipt with any gift so that the recipient can exchange it if doesn’t suit their style.


Bath and Body Products

Bath and body products are a great choice for a bridesmaid gift. They are very economical and also something that most women love to receive as a gift. Bath and body products are something that we sometimes neglect to purchase for ourselves so getting them as a gift can be a real treat. You can punch up the gift by adding a loofah or other bath accessories if you wish. If you want to make the presentation a little bit jazzier than a plain gift bag, you can put them all in a little basket or tub and it looks lovely.


A Picture Frame

Picture frames are a gift that is usually very touching. This is especially more so if you include a special photo in it. It is a great time to remember special moments with your bridesmaid. You may have a photo of you two from childhood, or a more recent one. If nothing else, you could put one of the two of you at your wedding in the frame. It makes a nice gift that is ready for display.


A Coffee Mug or Tumbler

A coffee mug or tumbler can be a nice little gift. There are so many cute options to choose from. There are many choices with different designs or quotes on them. There is something for every personality. The key here is to know what your bridesmaid likes to drink so that you know whether to get something for hot or cold drinks.

These 7 gift ideas for your bridesmaids all come in under $25. What are your thoughts? Would you like to receive any of these gifts yourself?

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