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7 Gift Ideas for Flower Girls ...

By Alicia

Gift ideas for flower girls are sometimes hard to come up with. With your bridal party, you likely know them well enough to choose a gift. This isn’t always so with a flower girl. Even if she is someone in your close circle, the interests of children change frequently. These are 7 gift ideas for flower girls that can help you.

1 A Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is popular with many little girls. You can get a charm bracelet tailored to her specific interests or one that spells out her name. There are many different ways you can go with this. This is one of the fun gift ideas for flower girls that you can choose to go with. If you are unsure if it will be a hit, you can always check in with the flower girl's mom.

2 A Bridal Barbie

A Bridal Barbie can be the perfect gift for your flower girl. There are many different versions of Bridal Barbie dolls that you can choose from. There are current models and older models. This is a fun way to give your flower girl memories of participating in your wedding. It is also something she can truly play with.

3 Little Girl Makeup

Little girl makeup is almost always a hit with little girls. It is a way they can pretend to be grown up. It is probably a good idea to give her this gift after the wedding is over or she may have a very unique look when she precedes you down the aisle. There are many different versions that you can choose from. Most of it is sparkly and made just to appeal to little girls.

4 A Gift Certificate to Her Favorite Store

If you know her favorite store, this can be just the ticket. A gift certificate or gift card can give her a way to have a fun day of shopping. There are many stores that are marketed to little girls. Build-a-Bear, Justice and Claire’s are just a few of them. You can ask mom what her favorite store is to make sure your gift is a hit. More than likely, she already has a few things on her wish list from her favorite store.

5 A Gift Basket with Treats

A gift basket is something that everyone loves. It is a gift that can be for all ages. You can tailor it to each individual person, including flower girls. You can fill a gift basket for your flower girl with things like candy, fruit snacks and little trinkets for her to play with. It is like a lot of little gifts all in one.

6 Something Personalized

Personalized gifts are something many brides decide to give to those in their wedding party. This is a gift that you can include the flower girl in but you may have to do it a little differently. If you are doing robes for the older girls, you can for your flower girl, too. You would just need to get one that would fit and interest a little girl. You could also do a t-shirt, a tumbler or many other things.

7 A Younger Version of What Your Bridal Party Received

You can adapt what you get your older bridal party to your flower girl in many ways. If you get your older girls bath and body products, you could also do this for your flower girl. You just need to find some that are age appropriate. This can be done with many different gifts. An advantage to choosing this option is that your flower girl will feel like part of the big girl group.

It can be a bit of a challenge to come up with an appropriate gift for your flower girl. What ideas are you leaning toward? I would love to hear them!

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