After the Honeymoon Things Every Couple Should do ...


After the Honeymoon Things Every Couple Should do ...
After the Honeymoon Things Every Couple Should do ...

You just got married to the love of your life. Your wedding was everything you dreamed it would be. The two of you just spent the most blissful days on your honeymoon. Though it would be nice to remain in paradise with your spouse by your side and not a care in the world, it’s time to get back to reality. Before you start settling into your life as newlyweds, there are a few more things you need to cross off your list.

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Reach out to Vendors

The first thing you want to do is reach out to the wedding vendors. They worked tirelessly to ensure that your day was special. You want to find out if there are any outstanding bills or issues that need to be addressed. This is also an excellent time to show your appreciation for their assistance.


Preserve the Dress

Most brides like to keep the wedding dress. It’s a keepsake from a very precious moment in life and also something that could be passed down one day. Unfortunately, leaving it in the closet without preserving it could result in the dress changing colors, growing mold, or deteriorating as the years pass.

You can search for cleaners that specialize in dress preservation. If you’re not interested in spending any more money right now, you’ll want to hang the dress in a decent garment bag and store it somewhere that’s cool. You should avoid damp or humid places like the basement.


Send Thank You Notes

Here’s a project that you and your spouse can do together - send out the thank you notes. It’s time to show your appreciation for the guests who attended your wedding and gave you gifts. As this project could take some time, it’s best to do this on the weekend when you have a few moments to spare. You’ll need to go through all the gifts and cards remembering to take notes of who gave you what.

Next, is the actual thank you cards. While you could go with generic cards with pre-printed messages, it means a lot more if you go the extra mile. Why not opt for thank you cards with the same images, colors, and designs from your wedding invitations? You can order these customized with your own photo and personalized note of appreciation. Some companies will even take care of the mailing for you, which saves you time and money.


Return or Exchange Gifts

As you opened your wedding gifts, were there any items you needed to return or exchange? You could have received duplicate items or things not listed on your registry that you don’t want. Hopefully, your guests provided you with gift receipts so you can make the exchange without any issues. You don’t want to put this off as each store has a different return policy. If you don’t get it back in time, you could end up stuck.


Change Your Last Name

Here comes the fun part for most women after getting married - changing her last name. There are several steps you must take to complete this task. As this varies by state, it is ideal that you do some research to find out exactly what to do first. In most cases, anyone changing their name after getting married needs to report it to the social security office and motor vehicles department.

You’ll also need to change this information with your bank, update your passport, have your name updated on credit cards, along with any lenders or service providers. When you return to the office, you’ll also need to notify your employer to change your name, marital status, and health benefits (if necessary).

As you can see, there are a few things you need to get done after your honeymoon. Hopefully, you planned ahead and took a few extra days off from work to give yourself time. On the bright side, once this list is finished, you and your new spouse can spend the rest of your time preparing for your happily ever after.

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