7 Hints to Give Your Boyfriend about the Engagement Ring You Want ...


7 Hints to Give Your Boyfriend about the Engagement Ring You Want ...
7 Hints to Give Your Boyfriend about the Engagement Ring You Want ...

Have you wondered what're the best hints to give your boyfriend about the engagement ring you want? This article can give you some help with that. Some women prefer to be surprised with what sort of engagement ring they receive and that's totally okay. It's all about what feels right for you. But if you want to be involved in the choosing process then these are some hints to give your boyfriend about the engagement ring you want.

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The Type of Metal You Want

The first thing you want to let your boyfriend know is what type of metal you'd like your ring to be. There are many options you can choose from. Some popular choices include gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. You probably also want to consider if you want the metal of your rings to match the metal of your soon-to-be husband's ring. The type of metal you want is one of the important hints to give your boyfriend about the engagement ring you want.


The Cut of Stone You Want

After thinking about the metal you want, the next thing you've probably been thinking about is the cut of stone you want. This is something most girls already know. It's the feature of the ring you've dreamed of the most, right? Let your guy know if you've been dreaming of a princess, marquise, oval, heart, cushion or other cut. He'll probably appreciate the hint. After all, his deepest desire is to choose a ring you love.


The Size of the Diamond

This is a hint you want to be careful in giving. It's good to consider what his budget may be. You don't want to hint for a ring you know he can't afford. It's a better choice to handle this in the way of what rings you find too big. Then he can take it from there.


Show Him Pictures of Rings You like

This is a wonderful way to give him a hint. Just show him some rings you like. You can browse through a catalog together or look at some rings online. This can be done casually, of course. It's a good time for him to start thinking about what type of wedding ring he'd like, too.


The Type of Stone You like

This is something that won't be an issue for many women because they've always dreamed of a traditional diamond. But it's becoming increasingly trendy to choose other types of stones. Black diamonds are a choice gaining popularity. However, there's no right or wrong in stone choice. Any stone you love can serve as an engagement ring.


The Store That Carries Rings You like

Sometimes there's a specific store that seems to have more your preferred style of engagement ring than others. It's okay to tell your guy this. Maybe you could mention that you and a friend were browsing while shopping and you really liked the engagement rings in a certain store. You could also mention the advantages of shopping there such as great customer service or the warranty they offer on their jewelry.


How You Want It to Coordinate with a Wedding Band

It's good to think about how you want your engagement ring to coordinate with a wedding ring. Do you prefer a wrap style or a more traditional band? Some brides want to choose a wedding ring and a matching anniversary band for a special anniversary down the road. It's good to share whatever you're dreaming of with your boyfriend. All these details make it easier for him to choose a ring you'll love.

These are 7 hints you may want to give your boyfriend. What type of engagement ring are you dreaming of? Tell me all the details!

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No, not yet. Just bought the ring and waiting for the right time :)

I don't think hints help, actually going to the shops made it a lot easier for me and my man cause I found that princess cut looked horrible on me. I have baby hands lol, ended up with a solitaire cut and shoulderstones on the band itself.. As for the day when he brings it out for me, that will be a pleasant surprise :)

I just my boyfriend the one I wanted

Not sure these are really hints/ 7 things to tell your boyfriend so you'll get the ring you want.

Am I the only one that doesn't give a single shit?

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