3 Valid Reasons Not to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift ...


3 Valid Reasons Not to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift ...
3 Valid Reasons Not to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift ...

There are several reasons why you shouldn't ask for cash as a wedding gift. People are divided as to whether cash gifts are great or not. Well, they’re great. No matter what, they will be greatly appreciated. But to compel or require everyone to give cash gifts is a different story.

Asking for cash gifts can get really tacky! I mean really now…if you want to get married then spend for it. But don’t expect other people to shoulder the cost.

I have seen a lot of wedding invitations that request cash gifts and they’re a big turn off. The irony of it all is that they spend so much time and money on their wedding that they expect all the cash gifts to make up for it.

This is not to say that cash gifts are wrong. I am not saying that. I am just saying that requesting cash gifts can get pretty tacky. Expecting or compelling everyone to give cash gifts is just something I find totally off. It’s okay to give cash gifts but to compel or require everyone to do so is downright tacky.

As I have said, I have been invited to a couple of weddings where cash gifts are required. You will notice it on the invitation because it’s blatantly stated there.

The common denominator of such a wedding is a bride who seems to think she is a princess. In her wedding speech, she tearfully thanks her dad for treating her like one. Thinking she’s a real princess, she now expects everyone to cash in on her big day. Well, real princesses don’t ask for cash gifts. They don’t need to.

So, girl, if you want to show some class on your wedding; avoid asking for cash gifts. Here are 3 valid reasons why you shouldn't ask for cash as a wedding gift.

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Cash Gifts Are Very Impersonal

Unless the cash gift is coming from your parents or a very close member of the family, it becomes pretty significant. However, if everyone is required to give cash gifts, chances are, you won’t be able to remember any kind of memorable gift. The reason? There won’t be any. It’s also going to be pretty hard to send personalized thank you cards because there’s nothing to say. Unlike if you got a really nice vase, you can mention that in your handwritten thank you card. This is one of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't ask for cash as a wedding gift.


Your Wedding Becomes a Business

Weddings are romantic but when one sees a cash gift request on the invitation, the whole thing suddenly turns into a business venture. Instead of trying to look for that memorable wedding gift, the guests will end up wondering how much to give instead of taking the time to look for something that really matters.


Asking for Cash Gifts Turns People off

Truth be told, asking for cash gifts turns a lot of people off. People want to be invited to witness a meaningful ceremony and not sponsor an event. I have seen more than enough people who choose to stay away from a wedding that compels them to give cash gifts instead. Can you actually blame them?

Due to the changing times, asking for cash gifts on your wedding day has become a norm. A sociologist featured on Nytimes.com cites that millennial couples these days pretty much have everything they need except for some savings and a house. So they resort to asking for cash gifts instead.

If that is the case, why spend on such a lavish wedding only to end up compelling the guests to cough up a couple of bucks? I find that pretty strange.

I don’t see anything wrong with cash gifts. They aren’t bad at all but asking for them is quite tacky. There will definitely be a couple of guests who prefer to give cash gifts but to require everyone to do so is just too tacky for my taste.

Have you ever been compelled to give cash gifts?

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