Beyond Stunning Muslim Brides We Can All Be Envious of ...

By Sheila

Beyond Stunning Muslim Brides We Can All Be Envious of ...

All brides are beautiful no matter where they're from or what their cultural and religious backgrounds are. I absolutely LOVE looking at photos of brides from all over the world on the happiest day of their lives. This post is dedicated to stunning Muslim brides who will give you serious #bridegoals! 💕 👰🏽💍

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1 Floral Headband

This combination of a traditional hijab and a floral headband is so modern and unique!

2 Beauty in White

man, bride, person, woman, clothing, Isn't she pure perfection?!

3 Beige and Gold

clothing, bride, wedding dress, beauty, yellow, That outfit and jewelry are to die for! Of course her radiant smile just makes this picture all the more beautiful.

4 Happy Bride

bride, photograph, man, person, woman, As Audrey Hepburn said, "Happy girls are the prettiest", and she certainly is both. I love the ruffled layers of her dress and the colorful flowers that seem to suit her personality so perfectly.

5 Oh-so-regal

bride, woman, bridal accessory, wedding dress, ceremony, From the intricate work on her hijab to her flawless makeup (seriously, look at her eyes!), to her henna, there's just one word to describe this beautiful bride...regal!

6 Simply Stunning

clothing, wedding dress, dress, gown, bride, Now THIS looks like a page out of a fairy tale. That dress will haunt my dreams tonight!

7 Exquisite Henna

statue, bride, ーーー, Henna designs are such an important part of every Muslim wedding and I love how this picture captures both the bride and her henna. Gorgeous!

8 Simple but Sublime

She's beautiful no doubt, but I love how her smile just lights up her face. Also, #makeupgoals!

9 Just like a Princess!

clothing, fashion accessory, veil, hairstyle, dress, What a show-stopping bride!

10 Classic Beauty

wedding dress, white, clothing, dress, gown, Is it just me or is anyone else also thinking of Elizabeth Taylor right now?

11 Pink Perfection

I love brides who choose dresses in unconventional colors. This pink gown is jaw-dropping to say the least and those delicate "petals" at the bottom just take it to the next level. LOVE!

12 Glowing in Red

bride, gown, quinceañera, dance, fashion, Anyone would want to twirl in a wonderful dress like that!

13 Matching Outfits

clothing, fashion, dress, bride, gown, How spectacular are their matching outfits?!

14 Sparkling Goddess

bride, pink, clothing, bridal accessory, woman, Blush wedding dresses are always pretty but this sparkly creation is something else!

15 Sea Blue

Love the color! Love the dress! Love the flowers! Love the picture!

16 Like a Fairy Tale

wedding dress, dress, gown, clothing, bridal clothing, Now this is the kind of wedding gown we've all dreamed about at some point or the other, am I right? Extravagant, beautiful beyond words, and fit for a princess!

17 Positively Elegant

beauty, fashion, model, photo shoot, spring, Although her dress and jewelry are unquestionably pretty, her eyes are the true stars of this picture.

18 Midas' Touch

A gold wedding dress can be OTT if done wrong but this one is subtle and ravishing! The hijab in particular is an absolute work of art!

19 Blushing Bride

Here's another amazing blush wedding down in a classic silhouette that is bound to make heads turn!

20 White and Silver

White and silver really is a classic combination that you can't go wrong with. Love this!

What is your dream wedding dress like? I'd love to know!

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Number 14 😍😍😍

beautiful 💚💚💚

These girls look so beautiful with and without the dresses😍❤️👌🙌

They're all beautiful

☝️️☝️️ wow you're a complete piece of shit. That's incredibly rude

I loved most of the dresses, some like the red one not so much. And I love the fact that none of them were trashy like some that I have seen where the dress where it was cut so low in the front, it left little to the imagination.

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