Alternatives to a Bachelorette Party 🎉 for Girls Who Want to Shake Things up!

If you're either the bride or maid of honor trying to figure out what to do for a bachelorette party, don't automatically think this night has to include alcohol and strippers. If that's not exactly your thing, that's no problem at all. It's a night to celebrate the bride, so it should reflect her personality and what she thinks is a good time. Here's 10 creative alternative ideas for bachelorette parties.

1. A Nature Trip

Glamping (also known as glam camping) is great for the outdoorsy girl. The luxuries of home in the great outdoors with friends is a great bonding experience. This can mean a number of things. You can rent an RV and bring all of your necessities, or you can travel to a place that lets you experience the outdoors by providing everything for you. How fun would it be to rent a tree fort in the woods?