Every DIY Bride Needs These 17 Beauty Products ...

By Heather

Every DIY Bride Needs These 17 Beauty Products ...

When you are a bride, you want to look your best on your wedding day. That means you've got to be in tip-top shape with your beauty routine. Don't worry though, I've got your covered with all of the best DIY beauty products you can make yourself!

1 Lavender-Infused Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

I tried this before my wedding and it was amazing! Made my hair so, so soft and manageable on my wedding day.

How to make it: orbridemag.com

2 Dry Body Brushing

I can totally promise, that you are going to LOVE this. You start brushing in a circular motion toward your heart and don't be scared if you turn a little red! It stimulates your body's lymphatic system and helps it work more efficiently.

3 Brighten up Those Pearly Whites

Seriously. This so works! Just a bit of baking soda, a bit of strawberry and you are all set!

4 DIY Lippy Scrub

To keep your kissable lips kissable!

How to make it: rosychicc.com

5 DIY Vanilla Night Cream

This is a MUST on the night before your wedding.

How to make it: lifemadefull.com

6 DIY Facial Toner

I have totally ditched my own toner and I now just use this.

How to make it: dontmesswithmama.com

7 Skin Brightening Mask

Your skin has got to be bright, refreshed and glowing for your wedding! Give a try to this mask; it'll help!

How to make it: holistichealthherbalist.com

8 Zit Zapper DIY

Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yeah, you don't want to end up with a big zit on your big day!

How to make it: homemademommy.net

9 Keep Your Face Fresh with Face Serum

I made some of this the night before my wedding and I was so, so glad!

How to make it: dontmesswithmama.com

10 Take Care of Those Stinky Wedding Shoes

I can promise that you are going to sweat in your shoes and they are going to smell. Knock that smell out on your big day with this mixture!

How to make it: hybridrastamama.com

11 Sugar up with This Body Scrub

I can promise, my skin was not as bright as I wanted on my wedding before I did my dry brushing – and this. Rub it on, scrub it in, rinse it off and your skin will feel amazing!

How to make it: wegotreal.com

12 Homemade Body Wash

This smell is addicting!

How to make it: livesimply.me

13 Smell like a Garden on Your Wedding Night

This is totally a must! You are going to be EXHAUSTED after your wedding, so pop one of these in, take a bath and then you'll smell great for your wedding night.

How to make it: thethingswellmake.com

14 The Blackhead Remover You Need

Lemon, honey and you are all done! It works and it makes your skin glow beautifully.

15 Radiant Skin?

This is the mixture you need!

16 One More Face Mask

I'd start using these about three months before your wedding, at least once a week. It helps!

17 Pretty Matte Lipstick

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