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Colorful Wedding Dresses for Girls Who Don't like White ...

By Eliza

Who says your wedding dress has to be white? Traditionally brides wear some variation of the color when they walk down the aisle. There's no rule that says that has to be the case if you prefer something else. In fact, colorful wedding dresses are gaining in popularity so there's no reason why you can't have one if you want one. Still deciding? Perhaps this will help you make your choice.

1 Pretty in Pink

2 Try Something Gold

3 How about Floral?

4 Get Married in Navy Blue

5 Beautiful Turquoise

6 How about Bright Pink?

7 Lovely Pink Color

8 Sunny in Yellow

9 You'll Love Baby Blue

10 Greeny Yellow is Different

Instagram photo by L A H N A • Jan 23, 2016 at 5:47pm UTC

11 Shimmery Color

12 Sheer Pink Skirt

13 Subtle Grey Color

14 Brown and Turquoise

15 Lovely Nude Dress

16 Lots of Shiny Color

17 Pastel Colored Skirt

18 Printed Red and Pink

19 Shiny Gold

20 Yellow is Gorgeous

21 You'll Love Blue

Do you love these? Which one is your favorite?

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