15 Swoon-worthy Indian Wedding Dresses You Need to See to Believe ...

By Vrinda

15 Swoon-worthy Indian Wedding Dresses You Need to See to Believe ...

I love looking at gorgeous Indian wedding dresses. They are so beautiful, so much fun, with so much color! Indian dresses are also all about those details. They can be very versatile, ranging from a simple white gown to a colorful floral garden! Who knows you might get some inspo for your very own wedding dress or maybe an evening gown. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous Indian wedding gowns!

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1 It’s All in the Details

dress, fashion model, gown, formal wear, fashion,

2 Princess Vibes

gown, dress, fashion model, fashion, formal wear,

3 Say Yes to Royal Blue!

gown, blue, dress, formal wear, fashion model,

4 Traditional Red

clothing, red, dress, gown, formal wear,

5 Icy Tones and Intricate Details

gown, dress, formal wear, lady, fashion model,

6 Beautiful Bright Bold Colors

pink, dress, gown, magenta, sari,

7 All White

gown, wedding dress, fashion model, dress, bridal clothing,

8 Can’t Go Wrong with Floral

gown, dress, wedding dress, bride, bridal clothing,

9 Turn up the Neon!

yellow, dress, gown, girl, photo shoot,

10 Peach Pastels and Royal Trails

dress, gown, formal wear, lady, wedding dress,

11 Pretty in Pink

pink, dress, gown, magenta, fashion,

12 In a Fairytale

gown, wedding dress, bridal clothing, marriage, bride,

13 Regal Opulence

flower, flower arranging, floristry, flower bouquet, flowering plant,

14 Perfection

fashion model, fashion, gown, catwalk, dress,

15 Floral Garden

dress, gown, textile, peach, flooring, I would marry someone just to wear one of these! haha. I hope you guys got some inspo. Which one did you like best?

Photo credits: @TheCrimsonbride and @Wedmegood (Instagram)

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