15 Gorgeous Bridesmaids' Dresses You'll Actually Want to Wear ...


15 Gorgeous Bridesmaids' Dresses You'll Actually Want to Wear ...
15 Gorgeous Bridesmaids' Dresses You'll Actually Want to Wear ...

If you're the maid of honor, you're probably looking for bridesmaid dresses you'll want to wear. Wedding season is upon us! Many of us love and hate this time of year due to the increase of wedding invites. Weddings can be fun, for sure, and if it’s one of your friends getting married, we’re super excited for them. However, for a lot of us, the thought of being asked to be a bridesmaid, and having to wear a hideous dress that the bride decided upon makes us cringe. Even though this is true nearly every single time, some of the dress designing gods have bestowed upon us bridesmaid dresses you'll want to wear.

Some are so stunning that we would totally rock the dress as if it were actually our special day. If this sounds too good to be true, check out some of the amazing bridesmaid dresses below and have your mind blown!

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Showing off Some Leg in These Golden Dresses


Flowy like a Goddess


Vintage Inspired and Gorgeous


Perfect Summer Boho Dress


Bridesmaids That Outshine the Bride


Pretty in Black


Gray Goddess Inspo


Dark and so Elegant


Classy While Being Modern


Stunning in White

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Mix and Match in Style

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Glittery Peach Goddesses


Dreamy in Shades of Purple


Perfect Color Mix for a Flowy Summer Wedding


Inspiring Goddess Gowns

All of these bridesmaid dresses are so perfect for spring and summer weddings. Not only that, but they are actually really pretty! Maybe the tacky bridesmaid dress trend will soon be a thing of the past! One can only hope. Which dress is your favorite? Let us know!

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