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If you consider yourself a non-traditional girl, you probably don't envision wearing a white dress on your wedding day. Whether you want a small, intimate ceremony on the beach, or a full-blown extravaganza, there is a dress -a non-white dress- out there for you that will make your big day as special as you are. Need some colorful inspiration for your non-traditional wedding? Check out these 7 amazing non-white wedding dresses.

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"Julia" by Gabrielle Bayona

"Julia" by Gabrielle Bayona I love this rose gold sequined dress! The low neckline is sexy, yet not too revealing, and leaves room for some neck bling. The tied waist keeps the silhouette cohesive and the sleeveless top is perfect for a spring wedding.


Custom Made Pink Layers

Custom Made Pink Layers This bride is absolutely adorable! She had her fun pink dress custom made in Taiwan, and I think it's fabulous! She seems to have a spunky, edgy style and I'm sure her wedding day was tons of fun!


Custom Made Black Pleated Organza

Custom Made Black Pleated Organza Although black is usually associated with funerals and not weddings, this glam-tabulous sparkler proves that the dark shade can be worn in a sexy and romantic way. The bride who wants a standout look when she says her vows should take a lesson in darkness from this winning wedding look.


Sequined Bottom by Truvelle

Sequined Bottom by Truvelle I know this dress technically has some white, but how I love the gold bottom! The design is so simple, yet the sequins really create an elegance. Maybe I should renew my vows so that I have an excuse to wear this amazing dress!


Blue & Gray Mermaid by Casablanca

Blue & Gray Mermaid by Casablanca You can take care of your "something blue" with this dazzling wedding gown. Accessorize with blue or silver shoes and jewelry. This would be a great dress for a winter wedding, with the icy colors. How cute would a faux fur piece of outerwear look with this dress?


Zolotova Dress by Wai Ching

Zolotova Dress by Wai Ching This dress is so much fun, and would be great for a bride who is artistic. The silk chiffon top is simple but pretty, and the bottom, well, I have no words! It's unique, and that's what makes it great. I imagine a colorful bridal party standing next to the bride in this dress.


The Zolotova Dress by Wai Ching captures a spirit of whimsical boldness, perfect for the bride who dares to defy tradition. With its splash of vibrant colors, the dress is a walking masterpiece, painting the aisle in strokes of individuality. Each layer of the skirt is dyed by hand, ensuring no two dresses are exactly alike. This is custom art wear at its finest—ideal for a wedding that's as much a celebration of love as it is of personal style and creativity. It's a statement, it's a memory, it's everything unconventional in the most beautiful way.


Floral Dress by Wendy Makin

Floral Dress by Wendy Makin As a total girlie girl, I can't help but love this floral ball gown style wedding dress. It's gorgeous for a spring wedding, and you won't see many other brides wearing it. I love its feminine style and the exposed neckline. Can't you see some matching flowers in the bride's hair to complete the look?

Wedding season is here, and now you've got a dose of "dress-piration" to get your planning in motion. Or maybe you just want ideas for your SOMEDAY wedding. Which of these non-traditional dress choices is most representative of what you envision wearing for your wedding?

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I love all of these. I'm always for more colour!

*3 not 5

I like most... Especially 1!!!

love 4

When I saw the black one I thought of Caroline Ingalls saying "marry in black, wish yourself back."

Most of them look like prom dresses

(But more as a prom; I don't think it's fancy enough for a wedding😏)

Love 5 and 1

I feel like my best friend would get married in #5

I reeeealy love the black one

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