Wedding Guest Dresses That'll Rival the Bride's Gown ...


It can be tough to pick out a wedding guest dress. You want to look your best, but you also want to complement the wedding, and you don’t want to outshine the bride’s gown. Especially at summer weddings, when you want to stay cool as well as chic in your look, finding the right dress can be quite the feat. While these dresses do all of these things, you just may well give the bride a run for her money in these dresses, even if you’re not trying to! If you’re looking to stun at your next wedding but can’t find the perfect outfit, try these dresses. I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with at least one of them!

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ASOS Ombré Skater Dress

dress,clothing,pink,day dress,cocktail dress, This pink-toned dress is so perfect for a summer wedding. The chiffon moves so well and is perfect for an outdoor wedding, and the different pink hues are so pretty and romantic for your perfect wedding! I don’t know about you, but when I think about what I would wear to a summer wedding, this is definitely the dress that comes to my mind!


Closet Box Pleat High Low Skirt

pink,clothing,day dress,dress,woman, Although it’s not a dress, this skirt has enough drama that it should be worn to a wedding. The big skirt is perfect for a wedding guest outfit, but even more than that, the deep pink color is so romantic, which makes it perfect for a wedding!


Chi Chi London Premium Lace Midi Prom Dress with Bardot Neck

dress,wedding dress,clothing,day dress,woman, I personally think that this dress is the perfect dress for a wedding guest no matter what time of the year the wedding is. It really works with any season. The neckline is absolutely stunning, as is the intricate detailing, and the simple of hue the dress amplifies that.


ASOS Bardot Floral Midi Prom Dress

clothing,dress,pink,sleeve,spring, The midi length is so in style this year, so wear this dress to your next wedding to really be on the cutting edge of style. The huge floral pattern is also stunning, as are the bright colors, making it the perfect summer wedding guest dress.


Forever Unique Sweetheart Maxi Dress with off Shoulder

wedding dress,dress,clothing,day dress,woman, This dress reminds me of something you’d see in Romeo and Juliet, so if you’re looking for something super romantic to wear, this is it. It should probably be saved for a pretty fancy wedding, just because the dress is long, but don’t you think it’s stunning? Even the just off-white color is so perfect.


True Violet Bardot Debutant Prom Midi Dress in Floral Print

day dress,clothing,dress,sleeve,gown, Not only is the floral pattern so pretty on this dress, but the blue tones are perfect for a summer wedding, especially one that’s outdoors. The midi length and off-the-shoulder neckline are just another romantic touch to a beautiful dress!


Tahari Jacquard Pencil Dress with Embellished Necklace

dress,clothing,day dress,wedding dress,sleeve, This dress may be short, but the details on it are insanely beautiful. The jacquard detailing is perfect for a wedding, and the embellished necklace adds a little bit of something else to dress up your look just a little bit.

Are you going to any weddings this summer? What are you wearing to them? Did you get an inspiration from this list? Let me know what you’re planning on wearing in the comments!

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5 is absolutely stunning AS a wedding gown but not as a guests gown!!!

One thing I like is when u use women of all ages & sizes. Don't sto!

Some of these dresses are very disrespectful to the bride... Not only the white ones... But also the ones with the extreme cleavage.

3 and 5 are gorgeous

3and5 if you show up to my wedding in that your getting throwb out

The white dress is more for rich fancy wedding. You're allowed to wear white to any Asians wedding...

Wear 3 and 5 to a wedding and they'll think you're the bride.

You can't wear white to a wedding... Biiiiiig Nono

I agree with Tyee, NEVER wear all white or all ivory to a bride's wedding, unless she specifically has it on the dress code. Remember it's all about her and her special day! You too, will have your moment so be patient and respectful.

You shouldn't try to out do the bride it's so disrespectful 😕

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