9 Awesome Ways to Cut down on Your Wedding Costs ...


9 Awesome Ways to Cut down on Your Wedding Costs ...
9 Awesome Ways to Cut down on Your Wedding Costs ...

Ways to cut down on wedding costs I’m going to mention here will help you plan an amazing budget friendly wedding, have a great special day and walk off with enough cash in your pocket to plan an even better honeymoon! Sounds nice? Well here’s some tricks you might want to consider before you focus on wedding planning:

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Choose Budget Friendly Wedding Decorations

Flip through your favorite bridal magazines and web pages to get your creative juices flowing and figure out interesting ways to cut down on wedding costs without having to give up all those wonderful decorations. It’s not as hard as you may believe and it doesn’t have to scream DIY, take my word for it. Just do your math, determine which decorations are pricy and therefore worth economizing with and figure out ways how to get the same effect for less! I, for example, didn’t want to settle for cheap flower centerpieces (your girl right here has some pretty expensive taste-big roses and orchids are my faves) so I’ve decided to use square glass vases, add white stones, «dive» individual orchids inside and top it off with a floating candle.


Be Your Own Wedding Planner

As stressful as it is, planning your own wedding is actually a huge save! Think about it this way – wedding planner or no wedding planner, you will have to be very much involved and spend a decent amount of your nerves and free time making all those decisions not even a pro can make for you. Why not start early and do everything yourself? Use your computer to make charts and lists, Internet to browse for good deals and special wedding-related software to help you with everything else.


Do Your Own Hair

Doing your own hair is a great way to cut down on wedding costs! After all, we all know that the only difference between a bridal updo and a regular updo is the price they charge for it! Why not invest in a product or a gadget you’ve been wanting for a long time, keep the rest of the money in your pocket and save on gas as a bonus by dong your hair at home? A chignon I wore for my wedding is actually the same chignon I posted a video tutorial for here – it took me some time to make it, my mom helped me bobby pin a few pieces I couldn’t reach or see and I had to make a few alterations but it looked great and cost…well… almost nothing.


Do Your Own Makeup

If you like to do your own make up and think you’re skilled at it, I would always suggest doing it yourself than risking by having it done for you by a rookie. I’ve seen the results of such budget-friendly makeup services and, believe me- you don’t want that messing up your big day. You may not even realize that your foundation is too cakey/light-reflecting and your blush too light/dark until it’s too late (read: until you take a look at your photos). Doing your own makeup, in the other hand, is a pretty fool-proof option. You already have the moves, you already know how is it going to look and you can always test the look forehand without any extra cost. But hey, there are more interesting ways to cut down on wedding costs so keep reading on how to save and you might realize that you’ve saved a lot and give yourself a permission to splurge on pro makeup.


Get Connected

I friend of mine managed to save more than 400 Euros on wedding photos by choosing a photo studio in which she knew people and another hundred or two on wedding jewelry and rings thanks to my hubby and the fact that jewelry-making is his profession. I saved a bunch on flowers, all thanks to my hubby’s cousin who is a florist and you can save too, simply by asking your friends and relatives to help you by sharing their contacts and enabling you to get the best of services for a special price!


Wear a Non-Bridal Gown

In case you’re not into the frou-frou bridal fashion and prefer either the classic elegance or contemporary fashion, you can always choose to get your dream dress from a non-bridal shop and both pay less for it and get to wear it again sometime. This especially goes for non-formal, day, garden or beach weddings on which a classic, fluffy dress seems out of place anyways.


Shop Sales

Even high priced designer dresses go on sale eventually which means that you can allow yourself to think big even if you don’t have unlimited resources at your disposal! And guess what – if you start your wedding planning early enough and manage to work out a basic outline well ahead of time you’ll have more time to shop various end of the season or mid-season sales and find the dress, shoes or bag of your dreams.


Pick a Classy Venue

A classy venue and a great view do cost a bit more but could help you save a bunch in the end. It does sound unorthodox but it’s actually one of the best ways to cut down on wedding costs because you won’t have to jump through hoops and decorate a lot to get it to look decent.


Rent or Borrow Stuff

Rent a tux for your groom, rent or borrow a bag/jewelry for you, organize your friends and family to bring all candle holders, decorations, vases or other items that fit a certain description and make a list of everything you’ve managed to acquire this way. It’s a great way to save plus you won’t end up with a house full of things you don’t know what to do with after the wedding!

Do you know of some other great ways to cut down on wedding costs and have a wonderful yet budget friendly wedding?

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@MJ Johnson great advice! What does MUA stand for?

I think I could handle my hair and makeup:)

Speaking as a makeup artist, another way to cut costs, but still get the benefit of professional makeup, is to do a Personal Tutorial with a MUA. A lot cheaper than bringing them on-location, and you'll be able to use the techniques in the future too. Cameras do funny things with your skin tone and features (such as making it appear more splotchy than the human eye sees, and flattening the contours of your face), so do make sure you know how to put those contours and colors back in, and ask your artist for tips. White dresses also tend to make your face appear blanched, so ask about the appropriate use of bronzers and color. Visit a mall makeup counter to find out your foundation color (DON'T try to guess from the outside of the bottle!), they very often give you a sample. Then practice your own makeup, and take photos with the nicest camera you can get your hands on to see if it works on film. It won't be exactly the same, but better than nothing!

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