5 Amazing Summer Bridal Shower Ideas ...


5 Amazing Summer Bridal Shower Ideas ...
5 Amazing Summer Bridal Shower Ideas ...

If you’re the maid of honor or one of the bridesmaids, use a few summer bridal shower ideas to throw your girl a party she will remember. Although it’s fun to plan this important event, its normal to feel a bit overwhelmed as you try to find a bridal shower theme. But don’t freak out ladies! If you keep the bride’s tastes and preferences in mind when you select bridal shower decorations, you really can’t go wrong. If you need some help, here are a variety of summer bridal shower ideas that will help make her day special.

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Summer Flowers

If the bride loves flowers or is an avid gardener, use her favorite summer flower as her party theme. Popular summer flowers include daisies, dahlias, gardenias, roses, daylilies and sweet peas. Create lovely centerpieces by placing a couple of flowers with large blooms in tall glass bottles. Or another great idea is to place floral bouquets in an eclectic mix of inexpensive containers (vases, tea pots and glass jars).


Beach Colors

A great summer bridal shower idea is to decorate using colors reminiscent of the beach like sky blue, cream and sandy brown. Use sky blue tablecloths and decorate with items related to the beach. One centerpiece that I love is a hurricane vase filled half-way with sand. Use colored sand if you want a funkier beach look. Stick a white candle in the center. Surround the candle with several shells and you have a fantastic centerpiece!


Pink Lovers

If the guest of honor loves pink, throw her an all-pink bridal shower. Hang pink tissue flowers from the ceiling. Dress up tables with pink tablecloths and use large pink floral bouquets in white vases as centerpieces. Use silver, white or black tableware and these pink bridal shower decorations will really stand out!


Country Love

For a bride that loves country décor, a rustic bridal shower theme is the only way to go. Checkered or paisley tablecloths will set the atmosphere for this party. Place floral bouquets in mason jars or wooden containers and tie a strand of raffia around them. One awesome summer bridal shower idea is to make a wish tree with willow branches placed in a glass jar. Secure the willow branches in place with colorful river rocks.


English Tea Parties

Girls of all ages enjoy having tea with her friends and a bride is no exception. This girly party is perfect in the backyard. Think soft pastel colors like peach, pink, pale blue and light yellow when choosing bridal shower decorations. Make tables pretty with floral-print tablecloths. Check out flea markets or thrift shops for mix and match china pieces. Use a large bouquet of fragrant lilacs in a jug as a centerpiece.

These are some of my favorite amazing summer bridal shower ideas that are easy to do and that are pretty easy on your wallet. Regardless of the theme that you choose, give it a personal touch by using décor and colors that the woman of the hour likes. So ladies, do you have any other summer bridal shower ideas that you would like to share?

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