8 Ways to Bring the Beach to Your Wedding ...

By Bridget

8 Ways to Bring the Beach to Your Wedding ...

Even if you live far inland, miles away from any shore, there are some simple ways to bring the beach to your wedding that will make you and your guests feel as if you are sitting on a tropical island. With a little bit of thought and creativity, you will find that there are several ways to bring the beach to your wedding. Have a look at some of these simple and elegant beach-themed wedding ideas.

1 Sandy Aisle

If you are getting married outside, one of the easiest ways to bring the beach to your wedding is with sand. Create an aisle that leads down to your altar, whatever that altar may be, using sand. Have the sand spread out in a straight line and arrange groups of chairs on either side of the sand to create the look of an aisle. You can add more of a beach look by framing the sandy aisle with seashells or flower petals.

2 Beach Altar

Whether you are getting married in a church or in the great outdoors, you can add a touch of the beach to your altar with a few embellishments. Consider adding a few tiki torches on either side of the altar. Drape gauzy material along the altar, as well as strings of pearls or sea glass. These elements will give the altar an instant beach-inspired look.

3 Cool and Casual Attire

While a wedding is traditionally a formal affair, if you are having a beach-themed wedding, chances are that you may be going for a more casual look. For the bride, a simple and light wedding dress that features tulle is ideal. Bridesmaids can wear simple dresses in shades of blue. For the guys, try linen suits, or white button down shirts and linen pants.

4 Fancy Feet

Or should I say, non-fancy feet? Nothing says the beach better than sandals, flip flops, or no shoes at all. Not only will any of these options create a beach vibe, but they will also be quite comfortable.

5 Linens

For the linens on your tables, keep with the beach theme by using lightweight materials in cool, beachy colors. Try tablecloths that are actually made out of linen, or a gauzier fabric, like tulle. Opt for shades of blue, green or sand, or combine all three colors to create a really eye-catching effect.

6 Centerpieces

Add a touch of the beach to your wedding with the centerpieces. Fill bowls with beach glass and fill them with water and float candles on top. Alternatively, you could fill clear bowls with shells, or if you want floral centerpieces, try tropical flowers, like Asiatic lilies.

7 Music

Set a tropical mood by playing island-inspired music. Think reggae and steel drums. Bob Marley always adds a lovely touch, and he has a great collection of romantic songs.

8 Island Drinks

Set the beach mood with island-inspired drinks. Serve Mai Tai’s, Sex on the Beach, daiquiris and pina coladas. Offer them with umbrella garnishes or in coconut cups and your guests will really feel the tropical mood.

Aren't all of these ideas wonderful for creating a beach atmosphere? Are you thinking of having a beach-themed wedding? What types of ideas are you considering incorporating into your affair?

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