7 Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception on a Budget ...


7 Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception on a Budget ...
7 Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception on a Budget ...

If wedding bells are in your near future, then you may be on a mission to find Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception. Being a crafty bride is a great way to save your moolah for other future expenses such as buying a house. Depending on your personal vision for your big day, there are many inexpensive reception decoration ideas that can beautify any venue. Below I’m going to share 7 affordable decorating ideas for a wedding reception that are fabulous and easy to do.

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Thrift Store Wedding Treasure Hunt

Check out thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for all kinds of containers that you can use to decorate your reception tables. Look for cheap wedding goodies such as mason jars, vintage perfume bottles, glass punch cups and glass vases. Fill containers with items like candy, rocks, colored sand, ribbons or shells to add color and interest to your table. Align these containers down the length of the table or place them in a group in the center of the table.


Make Photographs Glow

There are many affordable decorating ideas for a wedding reception using photos of the happy couple. A special way to display your photos is to print the photos on vellum paper. Purchase matching frames and glue them together so they form a triangle. Place a votive candle in the center of the triangle so the photos look like they are backlit with a soft glow.


Light up the Room

Nothing says romantic elegance quite like candles do. Candles are an inexpensive reception decoration that will give the room a warm glow and set the mood for this party. Dress up the candle holders by hot gluing glitzy metallic yarn, ribbon, raffia, sticks or beads to them. Or place floating candles in shells, glass bowls, tea cups, and hurricane vases that are filled with water. If you desire, tint the water with food coloring or sprinkle a few floral petals in the water.


Flower Orbs

Give the venue a whimsical look by hanging pompom flower orbs from the ceiling. Create flower orbs by gluing artificial flowers to a Styrofoam ball until it’s completely covered. Hang your flower orbs throughout the room or over important focal points such as the cake table, dance floor or head table. This creative inexpensive reception decoration can also be used to decorate the back of the chairs.


Balloon Decor

Balloons are a classic decoration for any special event because they are budget-friendly and quickly decorate any empty space. Create balloon arches with helium balloons that complement your wedding colors. Place arches over important focal points such as over the entrance, head table or cake table. Or tie curling ribbon to the end of balloons and let them float to the ceiling.


Tulle Wonderland

There are many decorating ideas for a wedding reception that incorporate tulle because this versatile material has a way of adding a romantic touch to anything. Drape tulle into swags and pin it to the front of your head table. Or create a tent over the reception area by draping tulle from the ceiling. Use tulle to dress up architectural elements in the venue such as entrances, stair bannisters and pillars. Make sure to conceal the ends of the tulle with a balloon cluster, large bow or flowers.


Look for Things around the House

Save money ladies by using things in your home or in your backyard to decorate your reception. Take a stroll through your backyard and gather branches. Once you wash the branches, spray paint them metallic silver or gold. Stick the branches in a vase and you have a dramatic table centerpiece. Make vases for branches or floral bouquets from coffee cans or soup cans. Spray paint these cans and sprinkle some glitter on them while paint is wet.

There are endless decorating ideas for a wedding reception that will impress your guests and are easy on the wallet. If you have never decorated a party before, these ideas will ensure that your reception venue will look beautiful regardless of your color scheme. Ladies do you have any affordable wedding decoration ideas to share with our future brides?

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