15 Bridal Makeup Inspos from YouTube for Your Big Day ...


15 Bridal Makeup Inspos from YouTube for Your Big Day ...
15 Bridal Makeup Inspos from YouTube for Your Big Day ...

‌Wedding bells are ringing! We don’t know about you, but itseems like spring is the time to tie the knot. There’s so much to think aboutwhen you’re planning a wedding. Besides finding your dress and figuring outyour hair, you also have to decide what kind of makeup you want! Needless tosay, it can get overwhelming.

Luckily, there’s a lovely thing called the Internet, andmore importantly, YouTube. You can search for anything on there – including bridalmakeup. They have something for everyone, from the understated looks to oneswith a bit of drama. What’s great is that they show you step by step how toachieve something, so that you can follow along and save money on having aprofessional do it! Even if doing ityourself isn’t your style, it can still fill your head with some ideas so youcan explain what you want to your makeup artist. ‌‌

We've gathered 15 of the prettiest looks we could find so that you don't even have to search -- you're sure to find something you love here.

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Lash Lover

This classic, lash-focused look is perfect for any bride.


Natural Glow

Amal Clooney's makeup look is perfect for those who want a more natural look for their big day.


Boho Beauty

This tutorial is perfect if you're looking for a fresh, boho look.


Evening Glam

If you're having an evening wedding, this dramatic look is perfect.


Soft Glam

Patrick Starrr's look is undeniably glam but incorporates some gorgeous soft colors.


Bronze Summer Bride

If you're a summer bride, this Kate Moss look is perfect.


Fresh & Pretty Classic

This classic look is so soft & pretty.


Subtle Smoky

If you want a look that gives a subtle amount of smokiness without going overboard, this is it.


Timeless Beauty

Want a look that will stand the test of time? Here it is.


Full Coverage Flawless

If you're worried about makeup meltdown this look from Tati and James Charles will help you prevent it.


Drugstore Beauty

If you really want to save some cash, KathleenLights will have you looking stunning on a budget.


Shimmer & Smoke

If you want a bit of shimmer and a subtle smoky eye, this look is stunning.


Smoky Wing

Winged liner may be your thing, but if you want to soften it up for your wedding day, this tutorial will show you how.


Red Lip

Who says it has to be all about the lips? While this tutorial is specifically bridal, it totally works.


Natural Bride

If natural is your thing, this subtle look from Bobbi Brown herself is ideal.

Clearly, there's no shortage of bridal makeup out there. If you're looking for inspiration or instruction, these 15 bridal makeup tutorials are a great place to start.

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